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  This page gives you the opportunity to submit poems you have PERSONALLY written. It is unlawful to request a poem be published which is not your own.

The poetry submission process at LovePoetry is a legal, and an electronic process wherein the poem’s author will transfer to Emotion Promotions Co., (the owner of LovePoetry), a limited right to publish on the web and, if agreed to, sell, for a royalty to be paid to the author, the poems that are submitted by the author. You, the author, will retain your copyright for any and all poems you submit for inclusion on the LovePoetry web site.

If the poem you are contemplating submitting was not written by you, please...

Do Not Submit The Poem

As a part of the legal aspects of the submission process we will need information about you. This information will never be provided to any other company, outside of Emotion Promotions Co., for any purpose whatever. Emotion Promotions will verify information you submit and will not publish or will cease to publish any poems where information concerning the author is incorrect at time of submission or becomes incorrect, subsequently. If you want your poem to continue to be published on LovePoetry you must keep your e-mail address current.

LovePoetry will not post any poems that contain sexual descriptions or vulgar language. Love Poetry only posts love poems. LovePoetry reserves the right to refuse to post any poem submitted for any reason or for no reason.

I have read the above and I represent I am the author of the poem or poems being submitted.

In order to determine if your e-mail account can accept
e-mail messages from LovePoetry, please enter your address
below. You will receive the current poem submission password
and a hyperlink back to the submit section of LovePoetry.

To Submit Your Poem

Please enter the current poem submission password
into the box below and click "Submit Password".


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