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Miss Me A Little
by   Elisabeth Wingo

Miss me a little
but not too much,
and I will give you a small part of my heart, also.
For when you share an experience like ours...
I love you 
And goodbye
Beneath the stars and 
beside the crashing waves.
It is inevitable that your heart should call out for mine
Maybe even scream for it, a little
As mine does for yours
And for your arms.
But some things can't be changed
Moonlit walks
And a kiss shared on a deserted beach
And some pleasures are only for a moment - 
and never again.
Or only in dreams.
Or only in years to come.
Or only in prayers and poems.

So miss me a little
but not too much.
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Poem ID: 39134   Poem Posted: 7/16/2000
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Copyright , 7-13-00, Elisabeth Wingo  all rights reserved by the author.
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