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Symphony of his heart
by   Poet 621

For once, his heart lost its poise,
His faith wavered and yet left unvoiced.
Suffocated of his furtive passion,
He recoiled to depict the bare vexation,
Of longing his heart tore within,
To pine for a solemn heart akin
To the hardest yet the most desirous thing.

Every day and even night,
Be it every minute and second,
A thousand conceived silences
He chose and inclined to confront,   
But he couldn?t ask, 
?Is this a mere infatuation??
And no one he could ask,
?Why his apoptotic heart only ends in contemplation??

Those queries, left unanswered,
His heart never had them unconcealed,
And he never disinclined to endure the ordeal,
For he believed to love her, his heart must be sealed,
Though his lonesome heart finally revealed,
Which fatefully left unrequited,
And being trampled upon like dust
Unconsciously by the one he always trusts.

Till one day, God sent His words 
To reach and cure his broken heart,
And kindle his heart with a joyous symphony,
Which leads to suturing of his heart,
Till he realized the silence is the most euphonious aphony, 
Which resembles the most beauteous memory,
That only provokes his nostalgic tour of every...

A sudden disenchantment,
By God?s grace,
He received and hence
Free from every torment,
And his heart danced with joy and bliss,
With hopes and faith that still to the eternity,
With platonic love for her though it?s like nihility, 
With glee that he never garnered
With beatitude that he never touched?
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Poem ID: 62258   Poem Posted: 6/29/2001
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Copyright , 2001, Poet 621  all rights reserved by the author.
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