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You would never know
by Sarah  Tabarestani

"You would never know"
The sun is going down in the red sky.
Clouds have shaped it for another
lonely hour passing by.
You would never know it,
you would never be able to see it,
you would just play with my mind,
my heart and my soul.
You would never know
how long my nights are
how dark my days are,
and how confusing my feelings are.
The stars are falling
into the city below,
an empty city without you, though
I go to bed as every other silent night I do so.
What may tomorrow bring for me?
I don't care,
I don't want to know.
I go to bed and you would never know
how destroyed my paradise is
how deep and strong my love is
and you would never ever know
how bright my dream
for tonight is.
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Poem ID: 51992   Poem Posted: 12/6/2000
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