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by Taucha Jo Wayt

Emptiness inside, tears down my face,
Am I actually in the right place?
Hurt and humiliation is what I'm feeling today,
"I'll love you forever," is what I'm going to say.
Am I crazy or stupid or just plain dumb?
There's not a feeling in my body... I'm so numb!

I cried myself to sleep last night 
in hopes of a better day,
But the more and more I think about it, 
the more and more I pray.

You said you loved me, you told me you cared,
You told me I was the only one in your life,
You told me I was to be your wife.

I try to understand why love hurts so much,
Why it brings so much remorse and pain,
I guess that's the way love goes, 
to drive the ones you love... insane!

I was always afraid to tell you, 
there was so much love and trust,
But now that I let it out... 
everything turns to dust.

I've looked into your eyes so many times before,
I could never imagine seeing you walk out my door.
You brought so much happiness and joy in my life,
And now it feels like you stabbed me 
right through the heart with a large dull knife.

The abiding love I have inside for you,
I promise to never to turn your world so blue,
I guess with love no one has the slightest clue!
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Poem ID: 6771   Poem Posted: 8/2/1998
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Copyright , 1997, Taucha Jo Wayt  all rights reserved by the author.
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