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I Love Those Little Things
by Sandra Marie Pease

I love those hugs you only give to me once in a while
I love that little smirk you actually call a smile
Although you only give them to me when I'm sad
They still give me the good and take away the bad.

I love those special looks you only give to me
I love it when you actually know what I need
Although you only look to me at certain times
You still put away 'yours' and focus on 'mine.'

I love our longing talks and understanding words
I love it that you don't explain everything you've heard
Although we do not talk as often as I'd wish
I can still share with you every guy I've kissed.

I love looking into your changing-colored eyes
I love knowing everything of what you are inside
Although I can't always see those sometimes baby blues
I know my reflection's there showing gently out of you.

I love it when you yell at my funny everyday stresses
I love it when you somehow seem to fix my messes
Although, sometimes my thoughts are well thoughtover concerns
I like having you beside me, assuring me nothing's turned.

I love looking all over and up and down your moves
I love it when you know I'm looking and know that I approve
Although you sometimes seem to get a little carried away
I still look forward to seeing you the next and following day.

And since I love you in every way and every part...
Not talking to you every day... would break my loving heart.
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Poem ID: 54906   Poem Posted: 1/17/2001
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