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Compass Of My Life
by Sunday B. Fakus

Her perfect lips played a vibrant tune
A melodious sound to my failing heart
My ears were filled with a voice of peace
And she soothed me, I couldn't resist

Walking through the royal pathways
Towards the roads of eternal strength
Pleasure within... an endless pastime
Gratifying every desire of her heart

Like a rolling stone from mountaintop
She fell on me and sank deep into my heart
My thoughts consist of her every word
And she surrounds me with her love

Such a solid foundation of my trust
Revolving the orbit of my precious heart
Of course, I'm ever stoned in love with her
She's pitched her tent in my soul

East or west she always can be found
Conspicuously able to change my life
In every direction I'm safe in her arms
A never-failing compass of my life
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Poem ID: 21027   Poem Posted: 11/11/2001
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Copyright , August 30, 1999, Sunday B. Fakus  all rights reserved by the author.
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