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by Jason Charles Pilkington

   Autumn's breeze, winter's snow
   I love her so much... she doesn?t know
   The leaves decaying in the fall
   I want to hear her voice, so I call
   Winds are blowing from North to South
   All I want is one kiss from her mouth
   Snow falling from the frost bitten sky
   If I lost her, I think I would die
   Bright, white fluff is covering the town
   If I?m not with her, I do nothing but frown
   Snowman?s about and all around
   She?s the best girl I have ever found
   Spring rolls around, out comes a bear
   She has golden, silky, wavy blonde hair
   The cold weather eventually dies
   I can?t help but stare into her eyes
   Flowers blossom, the grass is green
   She?s sweeter than sugar and never mean
   Birds come back to their beautiful tree
   I really want her to be with me
   The dry heat of summer's day
   The trip I take, I must pay
   Boiling heat hovering above
   Driving there to see my love
   It may rain, once in awhile
   Almost there, only a mile
   Skies are clear, bright and blue
   I see her beautiful face, and don?t know what to do
   Clouds resemble an old ancient ship
   I walk over to her and kiss her lips
   Autumns breeze, winters snow
   I love her so much, and now she knows
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Poem ID: 2492   Poem Posted: 3/15/1998
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