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Some Changes Are Fitted Like Cashmere Socks
by   Wrigley

Jadeite foils in a transitional pass,
lessen their cling off a white trellis
Cornflakes scattered on my Autumn tree
carelessly drift on a noted breeze
Twitter sounds wave-
a winged singer announces change,
retrieving to warmer skies
The harvest field is a minx, flirting
with terra cotta maids, and young
red berries
Pageants of students of the earth
graciously bow to the silhouette of
a new moon
A stone fountain ministers to my senses,
with it's delicate babyblue tears
I'm aware of metamorphic times,
some reticent, some clamoring strong
Some changes are fitted like cashmere socks,
while others are starch of raw wool
But having the essence of you remain
is the home I must come to for all of my days.

Poem ID: 20576   Poem Posted: 10/22/1999
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