- Poems By Wrigley     -

A Shade of Blue    The Power of Love
And Here You Are    About a Loved One
Bluemoon    The Power of Love
Captured    Love Described
Did We Conceive This Spring?    Love Described
Geographic Hearts    About a Loved One
Gossamer Spring    Love Declared
Harmony Played In My Hands Today    The Power of Love
How Can a Poet Stand True to Her Word?    Love and Family
I Don't Wonder....    Love Described
I Fashioned Seagulls    Love Fantasy
I Feel A Rage    Future Love
I Have Grace    The Philosophy of Love
I No Longer Curse My Reasoning    Love Fantasy
I Owe My Heart This Much    Love Described
If Sensuality Were A Subject    Love Fantasy
Illogical    Love Described
In Veneration To Your All    Love Described
Inaugurating Hearts    Love Described
Landmark The Sky?    Future Love
Lemon Verbena    About a Loved One
My Complexion, Rare    Love Declared
My Lack Of Cool    Love and Fear
Naked Strangers    The Pains of Love
No Occasion    Love Remembered

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