Advertising and Media Kit- LovePoetry(.com)


LovePoetry has an inventory of approximately 6,000,000 page impressions each month.

The web site is growing at an approximate 10% per month rate.
The LovePoetry web site attracts a ratio of 80% women, 20% men.
Approximately 75% of the web site visitors are under the age of 25.
There are 120,000 unique visitors per month.
The visitors are 80% from the USA..
The average time spent on the web site is 15 minutes
The average number of page views per visit is 10.
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Background Information

Writing love poetry is one of the most pervasive activities of the human mind; an attempt to give form to the formless, powerful feelings that accompany the emotion we call love.  Emotion Promotions Co. has created the web site: (LovePoetry) with the “lover” in mind.  As such, LovePoetry is attracting an immediate following that is increasing significantly every month.

LovePoetry was envisioned as a web site where anyone can post his or her poems to share with the world. This accommodating policy serves to encourage the site visitor to post his/her poems.  The reasons a visitor would want to post his/her poems are varied.  Chief among them is a desire to communicate with a loved one.  A second reason would be the desire to “publish” a poem for the sake of the poem itself.  Because the appeal of love poetry, at one time or another, is pervasive the saturation level for web site visitors is expected to be quite high.  The LovePoetry domain name was chosen to lend itself to easily identifiable brand advertising.

The Advertising Opportunity:

Advertisers that market their products towards women should find that the LovePoetry web site offers significant advantages over untargeted “network” advertising. 80% of all the visitors to the web site are female, and 70% of the web site visitors are between the ages of 15-25. In this regard, advertising on LovePoetry will produce a highly targeted advertising audience of young females.  Recent marketing demographics have shown that people visiting the Internet are highly educated and earn above the national average income. They represent a highly desirable market for any business.

The LovePoetry(.com) web site delivers 6,000,000 page impressions monthly. The site has 600,000 user sessions a month and the average dwell time is approximately 12 minutes per visit.  The average LovePoetry visitor views 10 pages per visit. Studies show that if an Internet user views an ad, on average, 6 times they will be very likely to react to it.  Since the average LovePoetry visitor views 10 pages per visit the LovePoetry advertiser has the opportunity to present their ad several times to each visitor.


As seen by the graphical representation of the age demographics, close to 70% of the web site’s visitors are between the ages of 16-25.

  • The ratio of male to female visitors on the Love Poetry web site is
  • Female  = 80%
    Male     =  20%
    · The number of visits per unit time is as follows:
    First time visitor                 =  48%
    Visit once a month             = 7%
    Visit once a week               = 17%
    Visit once a day                  = 13%
    Visit more than once a day = 15%
    · The number of poems read per visit (depth), as reported by the site visitors, is as follows:
    · The distribution of web site visitors is worldwide, however, the majority of visitors are from the USA.  This breakdown is as follows:
    · Distribution of site visitors across the USA is fairly even.  California has the highest number of respondents with 10% of the total.  The rest are fairly evenly distributed according to population.

    Media Kit
    Corporate/Owner Address:
    Emotion Promotions
    3580 Haven Ave.,  #3
    Redwood City, CA  94063

    Voice: 650-366-1450
    Fax: 650-365-9100

    Key Contact:
    David E. Doggett

    Advertising E-mail Address:



    LOVEPOETRY.COM contains love poetry selected from classic poetry of the past and poetry submitted by site visitors. There are currently over 50,000 user submitted poems posted on the web site.  Every poem posted on the web site is reviewed prior to posting. There are no erotic poems posted.  LovePoetry has new poems posted daily.  There are two e-mailings: PoemsDirect is a daily poem sent to 20,000 subscribers, PeriodicPoetry is a weekly poem and is sent to 30,000 subscribers.  Additionally LovePoetry has a chat room.  LovePoetry involves the visitor in the experience of writing and reading poetry.

    Updated daily

    Primary Audience:
    80% Female; 80% under the age of 25
    Secondary Audience:
    Young Adults 19 - 35

    PC Data, March 2001
    Page impressions per month- 11,000,000
    Unique users per month- 300,000
    Average pages per visit- 70

    Established: July 1997
    Registration required: None
    Subscription fee required: None

    Text Links
    Logo Links
    Full Web Pages

    Updated: April 2001
    Rates reported are net.

    Run Of Site (ROS) Banner:
    Introductory Rate: $ 3.00 CPM
    (one month only, 500,000 PI’s max.)

    Standard Rate: $ 12.00 CPM
    (100,000 per month)

    Higher Volume:
    100,000 Guaranteed Ad Views/Impressions per Month
                     1ti              3ti           6ti         12ti
     CPM:    $12.00     $10.00     $8.50      $6.50
     Cost:     $1,200.    $3,000.    $5,100.   $7,800.

    500,000 Guaranteed Ad Views/Impressions per Month
                    1ti            3ti            6ti            12ti
     CPM:   $9.00      $7.50        $6.25        $5.00
     Cost:    $4,500.   $11,250.   $18,750.   $30,000.

    1,000,000 Guaranteed Ad Views/Impressions per Month
                      1ti              3ti              6ti            12ti
     CPM:      $7.00       $6.00         $5.00          $3.75
     Cost:       $7,000.    $18,000.    $30,000.     $45,000.

    E-MAILING: (100% opt-in)
    Daily E-mailing distribution to over 20,000 subscribers.
    4 lines of text max.  Minimum- 10 runs in two months.
    $10.00 CPM

    Weekly E-mailing distribution to over 25,000 subscribers.
    4 lines of text max.  minimum- 2 runs in two months.
    $12.00 CPM


    ROS Banner Sponsorships:
    Text link on home page
    Six month, ROS, 468x60, top of page, 10% of inventory
    (approx. 800,000/month impressions and growing):
    Monthly Rate: $4,000.00 ($5.00 CPM or less)

    Diamond Sponsorship:
    Fixed Hot Button (88x31) on home page;
    Daily text ad and link on PoemsDirect mailing
    (20,000 mailings a day)
    Text link on every poem and list page
    Ad Tile (125x125) on poem category page
    1,000,000/month top banners ROS:
     Monthly Rate: $9,000.00 (Min. 6 mo.)

    Sapphire Sponsorship:
    Fixed Hot Button (88x31) on home page;
    Text link on every poem and list page;
    Ad Tile (125x125) on category page;
    500,000/month top banners ROS.
     Monthly Rate: $5,700.00 (Min. 6 mo.)

    Topaz Sponsorship:
    Fixed Hot Button (88x31) on home page;
    Text link on every poem and list page;
    200,000/month top banners ROS
     Monthly Rate: $1,800.00 (Min. 6 mo.)

    Click through rates of 5-15% have been delivered to our
    advertisers for creative banner ads targeted to the largely
    teen audience.

     Ad Type  Size (pixels)  Max File Size
     Full Banner  468 X 60   20k
     Button – 1  125 X 125  12k
     Button – 2  120 X 90  10k
     Button – 3  120 X 60  8k

    Ad: 7 days prior to run date;
    Interactive Ad: 15 days prior to run date;
    Sponsorship: 30 days prior to run date.

    PeopleAreTalking TM

    Here are a few of the comments we have received from LovePoetry web site visitors:

    “I just want to let you guys know that your site is one of the coolest site ever. I mean it's very unique and creative.”

    “I must say that I really love your website. I mean even the URL address is just lovely itself.”

    “I just wanted to thank the creators of this page for making a place where poets like myself who know we will  never be pro's can put our work out for the world to see. And so that I can read what other people like me are writing about.”

    "This is my favorite web site  ......I love it....never take it away”

    "This is the best web site ever, have spent many hours here and found such great enjoyment.. Keep the great poetry coming.  Truly a wonderful site, the best!”

    LovePoetry’s Effect on Peoples Lives:

    Here are a few comments of how LovePoetry and its poems have helped change lives.

    “I first began to get serious about my poetry when I first submitted my poetry to you.  After I did, I entered a contest. I just recently found out that I am a semi-finalist in the American Northwest and they are going to get me published in an upcoming book called "The Mystical Night".  Your site was the first place I went when I decided to start making my poetry public. I'm shooting for being a writer now. And I have just started my own website.  Just wanted to say thanks.”

    “A friend let me read this poem she found on the net.  It just so happened that I felt this way about a guy I knew.  He had no idea how I felt until I gave him this poem.  That was over a year and a half ago, and now we are married and expecting our first baby!  What a great poem!”

                                Feelings Change, My Friend
                              by Amylynn E.R. Schanbacher

                            I would really hate to say it,
                            But our friendship just can't last.
                            The remarkable times we shared together,
                            Have faded to the past.
                            I told you it would happen,
                            Our friendship was bound to end.
                            Although I know you care for me,
                            I cannot consider you a friend.
                            Please don't try to argue,
                            Just try to understand.
                            That time can change some people,
                            As the tide can change the sand.
                            Our friendship has been lovely,
                            But you see it has an end.
                            For now I fell in a different way,
                            I've fallen in love with you, my friend.

    “I really liked your poem because my father and I don’t have a very good relationship. So when I read your poem it made think of how stupid I’ve been and I called my dad and told him that I loved him.”

                                      by Meghan Colleen Moffett

                                       I never took your advice,
                                         -too headstrong to listen.
                                       I never tried my best,
                                         -too stupid to recognize.
                                       I never heard the truth,
                                         -too ignorant to believe.
                                       I never thought ahead,
                                         -too childish to know.
                                       I never wait to talk,
                                         -too emotional to control.
                                       I never say, "I love you",
                                         -too stubborn to admit...
                                           "I love you daddy."

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