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Noah's Immature Daddy    Love Past   
By: Cynthia A. Rivera    
"All you are is my baby's daddy;
So don't call me to meet you somewhere, ..."
A silent yearning    Love Fantasy   
By: Eppi Sukhu    
"A silent yearning supersedes a wave of calm,
as on the sand, svelte waves slowly touch ..."
Devoted    Love Rekindled   
By: Jerik Anthony Middleton    
"As the day creeps closer,
to finally being with you. ..."
The One That Got Away    Love Remembered   
By: Jerik Anthony Middleton    
"From day one- till it was over,
you meant the world to me. ..."
nebulaes of love    The Power of Love   
By: brenda sue kendrick    
"i gave you a little puppy...
that i have to hold for you... ..."
Similar Results    New Love   
By: Ajmal Afzal Khan    
"What will happen at the maximum?
When I?ll express my passions, ..."
Maybe Tomorrow    Love and Family   
By: tiffany ophelia connor    
"I've seen you look at me
with those pitiful eyes ..."
Stages...    Love Past   
By: Chriptofur jay babyb    
"Blinded by the flame burning so strong for you,
Little I can see, but I pray you see it, too. ..."
to the skies we soar    The Power of Love   
By: anthony malgapo ibay    
"alive, kept was I in thy loving arms.
thy presence preserves the love, locked ..."
Love Without Pain    The Philosophy of Love   
By: Danielle Marie Rhodes    
"What is love without pain?
Cloudy days without rain, ..."
Fallen Loved One    Love and Death   
By: Danielle Marie Rhodes    
"I know you're shining down,
Protecting us with your love. ..."
Heaven and Hell    The Pains of Love   
By: Jennifer Jimenez    
"Heaven and Hell,
That is what we are. ..."
GOD'S WAY    Love Between Friends   
"It's amazing how God
touches the heart, ..."
regret    Mothers Day Poems   
By: monica padilla abelgas    
"I know I'm bad;
And that's what makes me feel sad. ..."
RUMOUR    The Philosophy of Love   
"Love is so great a rumour
No beginning, no end. ..."
Our Story So Far    Love Described   
By: Dameon G. Arendse    
"Started off fresh- all I wanted was to hold you
"I dont need love," at least I think that's what i told you ..."
I Am...    Love and Hate   
By: Sandra Denise Neace    
"i am strong because i know myself and my weaknesses.
i am beautiful because i accept my flaws. ..."
Waiting    The Trials of Love   
By: Shelley Marie Gay    
"I am worn out with dreams
All I see is his face. ..."
What is Love?    The Philosophy of Love   
By: Black    
"Most people don't know what love is
They think it is a gift that someone gives ..."
MY SOULMATE    For That Special Someone   
"My life has a way of finding its real meaning.
to friends I go, still, there?s one thing lacking ..."
I Feel    Entrapped by Love   
By: Ms. Tee Phylisha Ptaszynski    
"When we walk hand in hand,
I feel happy. ..."
Loving her    Entrapped by Love   
By: Carl Antoine Sawaya    
"Your eyes shine brighter, than the northern star
My love for you will always remain, even though we are apart ..."
Perfect Day    New Love   
By: Robert Steven Bender    
"It would all start out with breakfast in bed,
Topped off with a sweet, gentle kiss on your forehead. ..."
Burning (Passion)    New Love   
By: Robert Steven Bender    
"Oh how I?m yearning,
This passion is burning. ..."
FROM ME TO YOU    none   

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