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he is one of the kind.my one and only    Dream Lovers   
By: Esethu Dj Gift    
"He is handsome, awesome.
He is sweet and fit. ..."
How Beautiful You Are Tonight    Love Described   
By: Stanley Michael Wilkin    
"How beautiful you are tonight-
Without mocking improvements- ..."
I Have Found    Love Discovered   
By: Thomas Albert Bass    
"I have found what I did not know could be found
I have found a rare treasure that is only mine ..."
To Rachel    Love Declared   
By: Jonquin    
"From the moment I met you
I knew there was magic ..."
Will you be my Valentine    Valentine's Day Poems   
By: Nikhil Anand Parekh    
"Will you be my valentine?
Will you be the luckiest charm of my existence; ..."
I shall bid farewell to you    Love and Parting   
By: Heyder Izzat Guliyev    
"My hair will become grey
Your sorrow will shorten my day ..."
My heart's always longing for you    New Love   
By: Heyder Izzat Guliyev    
"No one can live without love
You need a handsome, a smart cove ..."
Eliminate Radiation    Entrapped by Love   
By: Jane D    
"Ungodly isolation,
world of blindness opens mine. ..."
Next to You    The Power of Love   
By: Amy J Ward    
"Lying next to you
I'm in this place ..."
Sometimes    Love and Parting   
By: Ayana Kafi Cook-Chang    
"Sometimes I still wonder
Do you still think about me? ..."
More Than Love    Love Described   
By: Sheen Ochavez    
"Kiss me when I arrive
Love me when I enter ..."
Distraction    Love Triangle   
By: Sheen Ochavez    
"He will be here soon
You have to leave now. ..."
Capture Your Heart    Love Displayed   
By: Zane Castillo    
"I lay my hand
upon your chest, ..."
Dare Not Move    New Love   
By: Zane Castillo    
"I barely consider moving.
Your head rests upon ..."
I'm on Fire    Love Described   
By: Emily S Wolff    
"A fire exists in me.
I can feel the flames, ..."
Goodbye to the Girl    Love and Betrayal   
By: Kristin Smith    
"Good-bye to the girl who was na? to the pain of love
Hello to the secrets she is terrified to speak off ..."
Remembering love    Love Remembered   
By: Raj Kumar Rajput    
"Tu udas mt huaa kar mere jane se
mai laut aaunge tere bulana se; ..."
Come into View    Love and Despair   
By: Graeme Hird    
"When you come into view...
All For You My Love    Love Described   
By: Grant Douglas Aldrich    
"I love you...
Thank You For    Love Described   
By: Grant Douglas Aldrich    
"Thank You For,
Love...    Love and Family   
By: Kylie Sides    
"Our love is so strong and sweet
You're the best mom I could ever meet ..."
Eternal Wind    Love Declared   
By: Grant Douglas Aldrich    
"The mist in the air explosively rushes past
As if storm winds blow ..."
What will I do    The Need to be Loved   
By: Grant Douglas Aldrich    
"Without you, what would I ever do?
I'm so completely in love with you ..."
Every Time    Love Described   
By: Grant Douglas Aldrich    
"Every time I look into your eyes,
There is always surprise- with love inside. ..."
Joy My Lover    Love Declared   
By: Grant Douglas Aldrich    
"Joy is my light, she shines down upon me
Warming me throughout, melting my cold heart ..."

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