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I want    About a Loved One   
By: Marie Cathy M.    
"I just want to hold you close
Be closer to you than anyone has ever been ..."
love hurts    The Pains of Love   
By: nickie maire walker    
"I know you can't love me the way I want you to,
You say it's because I'm young, for now that will have to do ..."
It's Christmas Alright    The Need to be Loved   
By: John Boughan    
"It's Christmas time once again,
that time of year when your eyes should behold all the cheer, ..."
The way i feel about you    The Power of Love   
By: Jennifer Mota    
"The way i feel for you is unexplainable.
Though you make me feel happy, you make me feel loved. ..."
CARIN !!    For That Special Someone   
By: Fred D.K    
"like sweet drops of champagne on my tongue
or a cold winter breeze through my hair ..."
Look Back    The Pains of Love   
By: Amber S.    
"When I look back I see nothing,
I Learned How To Break A Heart From Him    Love and Forgiveness   
By: Juanita Guru Morgan    
"I think of you a million times a day
And every time I think of you, ..."
You Should Too    The Philosophy of Love   
By: Deidre Graham    
"Doesn't matter what you think I'm trying to be.
It only matters what I am now, and what I am is me. ..."
Still In Love    Love Rekindled   
By: Judy Gaccione    
"The moment your eyes met mine
I knew it to be true. ..."
I Find.......    Love Declared   
By: DaRatu    
"I find myself missing you every time you're not around.
I find myself wondering why you have my heart bound. ..."
My Mom    About a Loved One   
By: Joshua Edward Lee Burdic    
"There is no one in the world
like her, no one can compare, ..."
Love is Like a Lava Lamp    The Philosophy of Love   
By: Erica Dawn Hopper    
"Ya know, love is like a lava lamp trapped in an airless glass jar
and powered by a burning light bulb ..."
My stupid heart    Love Triangle   
By: Astrud Villanueva Pa?s    
" When I saw you with someone I know,
I just can't help but show ..."
My love    Future Love   
By: Kymber    
"I can see you everywhere,
And yet you are nowhere. ..."
Forgotten?    Love Past   
By: Cassie Rocca Villella    
"You told me your name, I told you mine.
We exchanged numbers- okay, that's fine! ..."
For My Children    Love and Family   
By: Christine Marie Tate    
"I have been loved
untitled    Love Past   
By: Enid Colon    
"I love you
I lost you ..."
Powerful Love    The Pains of Love   
By: Amie I. Garcia    
" My heart weeps for if it was a rose,
I cry, my tears are baby blue drops ..."
If I Could...    Love Described   
By: Stephanie E Reyes    
"If I could blink and have you here right next to me
I'd blink a thousand times. ..."
As I Whisper Your Name    Love Remembered   
By: The Gypsy    
"I listen to the wind
And I hear your voice ..."
What is Love?    The Pains of Love   
By: Kendle Renae Christman    
"Time and time again,
we open our hearts and let strangers in. ..."
To touch my love    Love and Death   
By: Heather M    
"To touch the sadness upon my love's face,
To feel the tears scroll down his face so gently, ..."
Letting Go    Love and Parting   
By: tatiana t    
"the hardest thing most people cant do is let go.
but why do we want to hold on to memories, ..."
Love me    Love Triangle   
By: Diana Shawgi Martin    
"Love me,
& i will love you. ..."
Empty    The Need to be Loved   
By: Sean Edward Phillips    
Don't let anything get near me. ..."

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