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Grandma    Love and Death   
By: Jenelle Morales    
"Why did you leave me? I feel so lost
I'll do anything to have you back; what would it cost ..."
Always on my Mind    For That Special Someone   
By: Betsy Lilianna Samayoa    
"I can't explain the way I feel
But I know my feelings are for real ..."
I'm Leaving Today    Love and Family   
By: Ashley Brooke W.    
"I'm leaving today.
Mom, please don't cry. ..."
my love belongs to you    For That Special Someone   
By: theresa t.t ta    
"I thought that we could never be
But I was so wrong ..."
Forgiveness    The Pains of Love   
By: AMR ALE    
"You broke my heart into pieces,
When you called me that day. ..."
always and forever    The Power of Love   
By: sean m dubey    
"i hear a sad song
on the radio ..."
Dreamer    Love Fantasy   
By: Stephanie B. Galvez    
"One moment in time, it seemed like a dream -
A dream that somehow surpassed reality. ..."
I Don't Need You    Love and Parting   
By: Nataly Rodriguez    
"I was so stupid for falling
in love with you ..."
Change of vision    Love and Fear   
By: Anonymous - DG    
"I'm afraid
Afraid to tell you how I feel ..."
Mother I Remember...    Love and Family   
By: Sharon Darlene Barker    
"Mother I remember so
many things...some good ..."
In My Heart    Love Displayed   
By: nikki j.    
"There have been many
that I thought I loved ..."
A Silent Cry    The Pains of Love   
By: Nikki Denise McRae    
"As I lay awake and cry my silent cry...
I am wonderin' why i feel like I should just die. ..."
Thinking of you    Love Apart   
By: Kristine Beulke    
" Why is it you're all
I think about. ..."
Happiness    Abiding Love   
By: Sandra Nicole Kelly Mitchell    
"I'm so glad I'm actualy feeling it again.
It seems like I was sad for so long. ..."
Always Mine and Yours    Love Displayed   
By: Angel Face    
"I love you baby
and I know you know it's true. ..."
Friends    Love Between Friends   
By: Krysti Sherrie Farnsworth    
"Friends are precious, friends are kind
friends are always on our mind. ..."
give me a chance    The Pains of Love   
By: rachelle lachica    
"on the day we first met
my world stopped moving ..."
Our first kiss on Valentine's day    Valentine's Day Poems   
By: Elizabeth Delao    
"It all happened so quickly,
the world must have shook. ..."
You're the Answer to my Prayers    For That Special Someone   
By: Joshua M. Gerstel    
"Every night I prayed for you,
You are my love, a dream come true ..."
You    Love Described   
By: Alyssa Culley    
"When I wake up in the morning
You're the first thing I think of, ..."
Love Held Deep    Love Between Friends   
By: Nathan Marshall    
"A dark, cold winter day
I lay and I await: ..."
Kiss    Love Apart   
By: Charisma Leach    
Letting Go    Love and Parting   
By: My love for you is still true    
"I thought I loved you,
but I must have been wrong. ..."
Second Nature    For That Special Someone   
By: Gabriel Lombard    
Dreams are your reality, ..."
You And ME    Love Declared   
By: Jon N. Luong    
"Oh, how beauteous this is for us,
For we will soon exchange our vows. ..."

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