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Hoping One Day    Love Fantasy   
By: Ralph Lamarr Clark    
"I wish I could
understand, ..."
Our Love    The Pains of Love   
By: Colisha Simpkins    
"Your love is like a river,
Ever changing with each turn. ..."
Forever In My Life    For That Special Someone   
By: Gianella Ramirez    
"I love you more than words can say
You make me feel special in every way ..."
Before You Had To Go    Love and Death   
By: Ron Bliss    
"I didn?t get to say goodbye,
Before you had to go, ..."
Without You    Love Declared   
By: John Dale Bravo    
"Every day I thank God
for sending Roseanne my way ..."
YoU'rE mY aNgEl    Love Described   
By: MeLiSsA MaDaLiNe WaLkEr    
"YoU aRe My AnGeL
ThAt GoD hAs SeNt ..."
LOCK-DOWN    The Pains of Love   
By: Paul W. Marshall    
"I can`t lay down and die,
not even for one like you. ..."
love for you    The Pains of Love   
By: Katie Johnson    
"Confused of my own mind
Wondering what will become of me ..."
AS IF YOU EVER CARED...    Love and Betrayal   
By: Sarah L.    
I WANT YOU BACK    About a Loved One   
By: Jacqueline R. Herrera    
"Last night you told me that you loved me
and I said, "I Love You Too!" ..."
Nothing to give    Love Withdrawn   
By: Jenna    
"I will sing you a song on paper so that you can read my heart
These words can't seem to make it past my thoughts ..."
Hold Me    Love and Parting   
By: Callista Ariadne Payton    
"Hold me again,
One more time please. ..."
Guardian Angel    Love Fantasy   
By: Joshua Lee Stearman    
"I want to be your guardian angel when I die,
and watch if for me you'll cry. ..."
Look into my mind    The Power of Love   
By: Snickers Parson    
"Look into my mind
Look into my thoughts ..."
LOVE LIKE YOU    For That Special Someone   
"As I lie here beside you, I watch you sleep.
In peaceful slumber, with dreams so deep. ..."
Promises    The Pains of Love   
By: T . Williams    
"Promises are to keep from me to you,
And promises are made for the things we do. ..."
We Should Have Known    Love Between Friends   
By: N R S    
"You were there for me when I needed you
I was there when you need me ..."
Always Thinking of You    New Love   
By: Alex Goodlive    
"I knew you were the right girl
When you came into my world ..."
Changed    About a Loved One   
By: Jennifer Stanley    
"I am here sitting
thinking of you. ..."
Darling You...    For That Special Someone   
By: Felicia A Flick    
" Darling you...you're everything to me,
I lay awake in bed at night dreaming, ..."
MICHAEL    For That Special Someone   
By: Laura L Davis    
"M is for the many smiles you bring
I is for the impact you've had on my life ..."
My Dark Angel    The Pains of Love   
By: Johanna I. Carranza    
"A dark angel stole my heart.
I can't get it back. ..."
I Miss My Memaw    Love and Death   
By: Melinda Merry Burnett    
"I miss you so much,
More than words can say. ..."
The Burning Heart.    Love and Death   
By: Ikhwan Allani    
"A burning heart full of fire,
Moving along with no firm desire, ..."
Lost Love    The Pains of Love   
By: Amber Knecolle Craft    
" What can I say?
What can I do? ..."

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