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Love`s gonna come out right    About a Loved One   
By: Meghna Vijay Parikh    
"They all say it won't work out all right,
but I don't think its true, ..."
The Letter    The Pains of Love   
By: Anais J. Aragon    
"is it true?
is it real? ..."
Pride    Entangled in Love   
By: Norah    
"Love is love, no matter what the circumstances.
Don't condemn me for these actions, learn from them. ..."
keep him close    Love Described   
By: jenna_lynn    
"when she looks into his eyes
she is afraid of the things she's beginning to realize ..."
Just A Dream    Love Fantasy   
By: ITSme    
"The joy and happiness I felt
when you, I first did see ..."
Broken Promises    Love and Distrust   
By: Lesli A. Harrison    
"Why are some promises left unkept?
How are they broken so easily? ..."
Our Love    The Power of Love   
By: Beverly Joan Schott    
"I know it has not been that long. But you see
there is something on my mind. ..."
This Guy    Secret Love   
By: The Felt Need    
"There is this guy I know
He is much more than a friend or a foe ..."
if you come softly    New Love   
By: Esha D.    
"if you come softly, my life,
i will not use harsh words ..."
You're inLove    The Need to be Loved   
By: Fama S Fresnosa    
"You came up to me one time
And I could see the sparkle in your eyes ..."
Eyes    Love and Parting   
By: Tonese Rene Reed    
"I looked at you
You looked at me ..."
My Special Love    Love Displayed   
By: David Cox    
"The sun's light is breaking bright
And through the night I held you tight ..."
Carrie Baldwin ( in memory of)    Love Remembered   
By: Maggie Jo Parsons    
"The Lord saw you drifting off the road.
At first you could not see. ..."
A Valiant Pursuit    Love and Hate   
By: Mario William Vitale    
"evil eyes, skulls & crossbones
tombs unknown ..."
CRAZY LOVE    Love Described   
By: BREN C MED    
"crazy love, crazy love
you are my morning dove, ..."
School    The Need to be Loved   
By: The~Felt~Need    
"A new year has begun
Walking down the halls ..."
My Desire For You    The Power of Love   
By: Linda Marie Interrante    
"The way I feel for you is no secret,
you mean everything to me and are my very soul. ..."
I Love You!!    Future Love   
By: Carla Victoria Ramirez    
"Even though you don't like me
I do, ..."
Hold my hand    The Need to be Loved   
By: raechel richardson    
"Why does it seem everyone can
even though i can't ..."
More Than Friends...    Love Between Friends   
By: Fran Lopez    
"I thought we were just friends,
But then i felt more. ..."
I See My Love    Love and Death   
By: Chirag Vinodkumar Surti    
"I see my Love, my only Love
I see my Love, don't push and shove ..."
Thinking Of You    Valentine's Day Poems   
By: Kiss Martinez    
"The skies are blue;
I am thinking of you. ..."
What Love Is!    The Power of Love   
By: Megan A soccerbaby19    
"Love is when you think all night of what you want to say.
You whisper the person's name every hour of the day. ..."
So Good    The Power of Love   
By: Cara Balch    
"So sweet and gentle,
You are my pride and joy, ..."
Thinking of you    Love Remembered   
By: Kimber Douglas    
"Sometimes during the day
I think of you and remember... ..."

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