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Sappy Love Poem    Love and Hate   
By: Bubba Goo    
"I was yours and you were mine,
but now we're not the same. ..."
Cause Of We    Love Declared   
By: Matthew David    
"To you, my heart... I completely render.
For thus, I give it, though bruised and tender. ..."
What I feel for you    New Love   
By: Lasaundra Sandberg    
"What I feel for you I think is real
Everything inside me begins to reveal ..."
memories of a broken heart    Love and Parting   
By: Nick vd B80    
"Why worry?
Maybe now you're sorry... ..."
Flood of Memories    Love and Death   
By: Eric Thomas Weaver    
"My heart is wide open
Not knowing what to expect ..."
TOUCHES OF YOUR HANDS    Love Fantasy   
By: Juan Antonio Rodriguez, Jr.    
"You planted yourself within me
with a few touches of your hands ..."
Raging Eyes    Love and Hate   
By: Ashley M. Williams    
"The violence raging in your eyes...
your heart pounding like a drum... ..."
Away From My Angel    Love Apart   
By: Trenten Daniel Miller    
"Her bright smile, and gleaming eyes,
flowing hair, the sweet melody of her angelic voice. ..."
For You    Love Described   
By: Rachel Gearhart    
"I wanna be with you but you're with her
and distance is something else that keeps us apart. ..."
untitled    The Philosophy of Love   
By: John L. Rabon    
"Have you ever thought you could find true love
in the one person you've ever loved or liked the most? ..."
ARIEL    Love Between Friends   
By: majalqita c. sinta    
"Since I met you my life became meaningful
Every single moment of my day I think it's wonderful ..."
Our Moment in Time    For That Special Someone   
By: * Princess S *    
"So many things have been changing
I need to know what is right ..."
We started out as a couple, now..    Love Between Friends   
By: Sandy D Star    
"We started out as a couple,
then we became friends. ..."
untitled    The Power of Love   
By: cecilia grace belonia    
"to find you is a blessing
to be with you is heaven ..."
It was...    Love Declared   
By: babyche24    
"It was the day I met you...
that I found the greatest treasure ..."
I Know!    The Pains of Love   
By: Stephanie Marie Grenard    
"I know you like her
And not me ..."
She    Love Described   
By: Judy Auclair    
"As she looks out to her future,
The sweet smelling breeze ..."
Should I Stay Or Leave You Behind?    Love and Parting   
By: Stephanie Ann Wagner    
"As we say good-bye
I know I've lost you forever ..."
My Soul No Longer Dances    The Pains of Love   
By: Tegan Sara Rentsch    
"I thought I could do it
But I can?t take anymore ..."
Not at all    Love and Hate   
By: Angel4the G.    
" I hate the way you brush your hair to make it look all shiny
I hate the way you look at me try to make me smile ..."
I Will ALWAYS Be In Love With You    Love Remembered   
By: KR    
"Why did we have to let go
When we knew we loved each other so ..."
Overpowered    Love Described   
By: SML    
"Love is like staring at the sun:
dangerous, ..."
Feelings    Entrapped by Love   
By: Misti Renee Slaughter    
"We have been through thick, waded through thin.
Toughed out disagreements, held each other when we didn't. ..."
Remember    Love Remembered   
By: Valerie Kabul    
"Won't ever regret it
Uplifting of spirit ..."
My Everything    Love Past   
By: Jessica Kobasic    
"From the first time I saw you,
to the last time we kissed ..."

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