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Remember    Love and Parting   
By: Ashley Gonzales    
"Remember when he held you close,
In his arms so tight. ..."
Building A Wall    The Pains of Love   
By: Virginia Lee Collom    
"Her heart is broken, tears fall like rain
Thru her words so evident is the pain. ..."
Leaving    Love and Parting   
By: Renee P McCain-Wiltshire    
IN MY MIND- I KNEW... ..."
When Forever Ends    Love Past   
By: Christina Demesa Pangilinan    
"You said you?d love me forever
And forever never ends ..."
Flight of Fancy    Love Fantasy   
By: Tiina Klemets    
"It`s so empty here without You,
I miss Your smile, I miss Your touch. ..."
Right Before Your Eyes    For That Special Someone   
By: David Gray    
"Sometimes it seens so easy
To go through life alone, ..."
Without You And Me    Love and Parting   
By: Stephanie Nicole Phillips    
"These days feel so lonely and long,
without your presents next to me, ..."
I DESIRE YOU    Love Declared   
By: Sunday B. Fakus    
"Your looks craze my mind,
Your touch soothes my heart, ..."
Remember Me This Way    Love and Betrayal   
By: Sara Lynn Zuidema    
"From the moment I first saw you
and as you stepped closer my way, ..."
I Want a Man!    Love Described   
By: Mykia Hershey/ Michelle Iverson    
"I want a man that will like me for me,
Inside and out I am beautiful, you will see. ..."
When i feel you near    Love and Death   
By: Susie Howard    
"Sometimes, when i get lonely,
i sit and cry ..."
Drumbeat Of Our Hearts    Love Fantasy   
By: Sunday B. Fakus    
"Wandering thoughts
fill my heart ..."
Lost in Emotion    The Power of Love   
By: Deshanta Monique Thomas    
"Who is the one that denies?
Not I ..."
Simple Needs    Love Described   
By: Wes Johnson    
"I have no need of servants, my needs are simple and few,
The trappings of society, for the most part, I eschew. ..."
Straight From Your Heart    Love Fantasy   
By: Daniela Veneziale    
"Walking to this treasured land
You and I, hand in hand, ..."
Alone    The Pains of Love   
By: for Micheal Iverson    
Has he ever left you so alone inside ..."
What I Would Give    For That Special Someone   
By: Donald Cody Beck    
"I would give you the moon to light your path at night
I would give you the stars with everlasting light ..."
For You(T.R)    For That Special Someone   
By: Lost Angel (Tia) Murdock    
"To the one I dream of every night
To the one who makes my dark skies bright ..."
All I Wanna Say    Love Declared   
By: Rebecca Sullivan    
"When I see you
my gray skys turn blue. ..."
THAT SOMEONE    Future Love   
By: Pietra Julia Andrade    
If I didn't love you    Love Described   
By: Steven Mather    
"If I didn't love you:
I wouldn't feel such agony ..."
The one I saw    Love Remembered   
By: makenzie alexandria prater    
"The one I saw before my eyes
came upon me at no suprise. ..."
That Door    Love and Parting   
By: Jackie Wynne    
"Neither of us had planned an ending
Or expected anything more ..."
I MISS YOU SO......    For That Special Someone   
"As I am lying here
in the quiet of the night, ..."
Sea of Hell    Love and Hate   
By: Emily Duerst    
"You think I make trouble
I never obey ..."

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