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I Love You    Love Declared   
By: Daniel Martin Brown George    
"I love it when you are near!
I hate it when you are far away! ..."
What I Think About You    Love Described   
By: Rondell Williams    
"Like the boy who juggles all day,
Or that man who can?t stop counting his first pay, ..."
UNSAID WORDS    Secret Love   
By: KING DEE    
Come...    About a Loved One   
By: Shamim Ali    
"Come, touch me,
Come, hold me and make me whole, ..."
Adieu To The Hurt    Love Past   
By: Jennifer Jo Donovan    
"you cannot
hold me anymore ..."
BeForE I GiVe MySeLf 2 YoU    Love Declared   
By: Stacie Xiong    
"I've been hurt many times before
And before I open that door ..."
Mystery    Infatuation   
By: Rebecca Walkins Randle    
"i wish i could unravel,
the mystery of you. ..."
And That is You...    Love Declared   
By: Nadia Varkovsky    
"Every morning as I wake up
The morning dew spread its fragrance ..."
Girl Of My Dreams    The Power of Love   
By: Brandon Thomas Donohue    
"For what it's worth, I love you so
When you're in my arms, I never want to let u go ..."
WHO    For That Special Someone   
By: Johnny Ray Ryder Jr.    
"My life is so different
Nothing the same ..."
You Better Not.....    Love and Fear   
By: AirP|aNe    
"You better not LuV me
I'm NoT to bE mEdDlEd with ..."
Untitled 12    Secret Love   
By: gman    
"One breath away from
kissing your lips from ..."
I Like You For    The Power of Love   
By: Love The Doctor    
"I like you because I like you
I do not care ..."
Is Love...    Love and Doubt   
By: Bianca Aimee Najera    
"Is love the way you hold my hand,
or the way you make me smile? ..."
Last Spring    Love and Sickness   
By: rachel m    
"As the leaves began to fall
She sighed and sat in her chair ..."
The Way It Is....    The Pains of Love   
By: Vickie Thompson    
"The way I feel, in this hour, in this way,
I know how I feel in my own special way, ..."
In his memory    Love Apart   
By: Pat Pettus    
"Lonely Years
Many Lonely Tears. ..."
Since you went away    Love Past   
By: Stephanie Davis    
"The rain no longer seems to fall,
I no longer care at all. ..."
I miss you    Love and Death   
By: Nicole    
"I know you're not here anymore.
I know it wasn't your time to go. ..."
The song in my Heart    The Pains of Love   
By: Kathy    
"the sincerity of love
is all too forgotten, ..."
I Love You So    Love Declared   
By: David Hernandez    
"I?m very, very scared right now,
scared of what to do. ..."
Voice Of My Heart    The Pains of Love   
By: Raj in pain    
"I sit here. Out the window I stare
Looking at the trees whose branches went bare, ..."
Mother    Love and Family   
By: Brittany L. Mulac    
"You brought me life and gave me love
You took my hand and showed me the heavens above ..."
How much I know    The Power of Love   
By: Kevin Lee Coats    
"How much I know that I care
How much I know we will share ..."
Never Ending Dream    Love Fantasy   
By: Brady E Sanchez    
"As I creep into
Your sleep ..."

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