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my angel from up above    The Power of Love   
By: Pirooz moses moussa    
"I know why the moon cries at night
and why the stars can't sleep at night. ..."
Soulfully Loving    Love and Fear   
By: M L. Robertson    
"The most passionate kiss,
Undermining the most sensual bliss, ..."
Always    For That Special Someone   
By: Nicole Rutkowski    
"I think about you always,
you're the only one on my mind. ..."
The young girl    Love and Family   
By: Brittni M.    
"Behind the door a young girl sits and wonders why,
behind this same door the girl will sit and cry. ..."
My Thoughts of Me Without You    The Power of Love   
By: Kayla Darlene Davis    
"I hate to see you go because I love you so...
While I'm in your arms lying there, ..."
Feel For you    Love Described   
By: Kristi Ann K    
"My love for you is
Deep and strong. ..."
that girl    Love and Parting   
By: Eli Rodriguez    
"i feel so great when i'm with that girl
she's more precious than an unfound pearl ..."
Heaven    Love Offered   
By: S. J. Cook    
"Take me to a place, where I feel
no pain. Take me up in your arms, ..."
Leaving    Love Withdrawn   
By: Deshundra Smith    
"I have decided to move on
I believe I have tried and tried ..."
twisted Clay    The Pains of Love   
By: David Bruce Halstead    
"To die is to live,
To live is to survive, ..."
HAVE YOU EVER?    The Power of Love   
By: MONICA S    
LOVE YOU? ..."
I'm Missing You    Love Apart   
By: Joana Tiatco Bunny    
"I miss your face, that cute smiling face
With your warm embrace and strong arms that always keep me safe ..."
Close Your Eyes    Love and Betrayal   
By: JellyBean9301    
"I feel like a mediocre copy of myself,
desperation fills my soul. ..."
Nothing but my faith    The Pains of Love   
By: Damien Scott Afkos    
"you went away too fast
away too soon ..."
I Hate The Way.....    Love and Hate   
By: Megan M. Wiles    
"I hate the way you smile at me,
When you know I do not care. ..."
For MY love!    For That Special Someone   
By: Eric Verkler    
"My heart pounds when you are near
my palms sweat with anticipation ..."
Jackie    Love and Death   
By: Kathy Susan Tinker    
"You walked with dignity
Refined mysterious ..."
Our Thoughts    Love Remembered   
By: Veronica Benavidez    
"My thoughts of you and me
could probably never be. ..."
Our Anniversary    Anniversary Poems   
By: Tiana Latrice Ryder    
"This day is so very special,
Unique in its own way ..."
a friend    Love Between Friends   
By: Kathy    
"look at the picture,
tell me, what do you see? ..."
Real and True    For That Special Someone   
By: Michelle Nalani D. Rosario    
"I sit here thinking do I love you,
Are my feelings real, ..."
Unlock My Heart    The Need to be Loved   
By: Ashley Marie Hoy    
"Hold me now, don't put out the light.
Kiss me now, you know it's right. ..."
Untitled 2    Love and Fear   
By: Noemi Carter    
"I?ll keep my mouth shut
Till the day I die ..."
Love    Love Remembered   
By: angel smiles    
"Some people think "Love" is easily replaced.
To me my defniton of "Love" is, ..."
Why did I let you fool me like that ?    Love Withdrawn   
By: Luvgal_17    
"You were so nice to me ...
You were so sweet to me ... ..."

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