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Ready To Let Go
by Ashley Marie Donchez

It's finally time to say goodbye
I think I'm ready to let go
I remember the first time we said hi
When I asked you to call, 
You didn't say no
We have many memories 
I'll keep in mind

I want to tell you one thing...
You're now something I've left behind

I remember us watching TV
And the way you would hold me
I know it will never happen again
It's time to move on
You'll still be a part of my heart 
All the way from the start
What we had will be hard to find 

I want to tell you one thing...
You're now something I left behind
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Poem ID: 17701   Poem Posted: 7/8/1999
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Copyright , June 20, 1999, Ashley Marie Donchez  all rights reserved by the author.
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