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Goodbye Dad
by Tonya Celeste Skillen

You know I never thought about being alone. 
I always thought I would have you in my life.
Until the day it took you like the devil in a storm. 
Now I wonder if I had been a better daughter, 
maybe you would have not wanted to drink.

But if I had a dollar for every maybe in my life 
I could buy up every father in the world. 
I never got to say good-bye, 
I never got to tell you that I loved you, too. 
I was just a little girl in my own little world. 
Not old enough to understand what had happened. 

All I knew was that something was terribly wrong. 
Now I have to live without you, 
with a single memory of you and me. 
You know, I never thought about losing you 
until you were gone. 

I always dreamed of having a happy family again, 
with a mom and a dad and brother, 
but this little girl's fantasy turned into a nightmare. 
Then there was the day I wish you had been here 
so she couldn't have gotten married 
and you could have protected my brother from him.

Called himself a father... ho could do that to his son? 
Just because he wants to know about his real dad 
and his other cousin is no reason to hurt him. 
I wonder what would have happened 
if I had been old enough to help him. 

I wonder what would have happened 
if this little girl had been old enough to know you. 
Would I be just like you or diffrent and in what way?
I never got to say good-bye to you 
or tell you that I loved you too- I was to young.  

So Dad, here's a kiss and a hug to tell you I am going to make it. 
Gonna make it into the big world one day 
and that your son is turning out just like you. 
But me, I think I am like you, too- stuborn, but smart. 
So Good-bye, Daddy... This is for you. I love you, too.
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Poem ID: 29030   Poem Posted: 3/29/2000
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Copyright , Sept.19,1999, Tonya Celeste Skillen  all rights reserved by the author.
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