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Hole Inside
by Brytni LaShay Creech

A hole inside that can?t be filled 
a gentle soul that has been killed 
I?m crying tears of hurting pain 
pouring down my face like acid rain 

a hollow shell is what I feel 
in my heart I will not heal 
ashamed of the future, present, and past 
hiding from nightmares that won?t fade- but last

lost in my once belonging home 
even with friends and family- I?m still alone 
I?m disgraced as I peer into my reflection 
sick and tired of my own deception 

I can lie to everyone else... but me 
with invisible chains I?m never free 
bounded by fear, hurt by shame 
I stare at this mess that was once just a game

I lie in bed and feel comforting sorrow 
I wait and wonder... what will happen tomorrow?
for, you see, I am bleeding from wounds that are so bright 
I shut my eyes forever, oh well, good-night
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Poem ID: 78489   Poem Posted: 9/18/2004
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Copyright , 2004, Brytni LaShay Creech  all rights reserved by the author.
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