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My Thoughts Of You
by Leona Lynn Moffett

Where to begin - I do not know,
When I think of you - all else ends.

You overwhelm me in every way,
My thoughts of you each and every day.

Your sweet, kind, gentle, caring,
Sometimes even alittle overbearing.

But this I don't and can't mind,
For I know that I am the same.

My thoughts of you,
Go every which way.

Not with just one word,
Can thee be described.

My list could go on forever,
About my thoughts of thee.

So many good qualities,
In you I have found.

My thoughts and my feelings,
For you are so precious.

Your in my heart and my soul to stay,
No matter what happens, here you will always be.

Your romantic, nurturing, loving,
sensitive, emotional and trustworthy.

Your everything I've always wanted and needed,
To find this at last - Is an answer to all my prayers.

Someone I can talk with and share every thought,
No matter how serious, we always can share.

Our emotions go deep, as we delve down inside,
Talking of things past - with nothing do we hide.

This is a very special bond, that you and I share,
Many can't do this - and many just don't care.

But you and I know that it is a very special "key",
To bare all and know all - is how it should be.

To know all of each, is how we continue to grow,
To Love one another and to let that Love show.

I feel your gentle kiss, I see that loving smile,
Your passion and romance is so much like mine,
Together we are as one - This cannot be denied.

I cherish the times we have together,
And hope someday it shall be more.

The laughter we share, those "hugs" galore,
Come hold my hand, as you've done before.

I find this gesture so endearing,
Looking into my eyes as I look into yours.

Our "souls" we have bared and our hearts we have shared,
My thoughts of you are all in LOVE.

We blended from day one - in everyway,
Some would find this eerie,
'Tis only Love at first sight.

Nothing to be afraid of, Dear,
So don't put up such a fight.

It was destined to be,
You and I for eternity.

God has blessed us,
This I do know.

We have found one another,
Now please Hon, let yourself go.

No more wasted time - those lonley nights,
We can be together - me holding you tight,
All through the nights.

I'll always be there for you,
In body, spirit, mind and soul.

You may always trust me, Hon,
And soon you shall know.

I won't ever betray you,
As I know you won't me.

My Love is total and complete,
For you only - my sweet.

Let me embrace you now,
Till eternity,
I shall make you happy.

You will never regret having met me,
As I won't meeting you.

Happiness is "ours" now Hon,
I LOVE you.

 & "S
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Poem ID: 7133   Poem Posted: 8/23/1998
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Copyright , 08-16-98, Leona Lynn Moffett  all rights reserved by the author.
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