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K+B=The End
by   Karena

I've finally forgiven myself for all the mistakes I made with you 
Experience and lessons is what I gained 
But there were times I thought I deserved all this pain
But it isn't fair I have to move on 
Even though my heart will never really be complete 
As long as you are gone
Maybe I'll never love like this again
Maybe I'll never find another true bestfriend
But it's clear to see that we are not meant to be 
'Cause if it was meant to work out 
You would be here with me 
It's breaking my heart being forced to let go 
But I have to be strong, I just wanted to let you know...
From the bottom of my heart I sincerely apologize
For all the times I made you worry
And all the times I made you cry 
It wasn't fair of me to put you through all that 
And now all that was done to you is coming back (to me)

I've changed quite a bit since you left 
I'm learning to trust those who care for me
I'm finding myself and who I want to be 
I just wanted to let you know 
That I'm doing all right 
But that it's hard to let go 
When for once you're not putting up a fight

People told me time will heal my pain
I'm slowly feeling better
But I always weep for you at the sound of rain 
A thousand pictures of you... I took 
A hidden meaning behind each look  
All stored up in my mind 
Where no other person can see or find 
Those pictures are only meant for me 
Even Shannon won't be able to see...

You moved on pretty quickly 
To me it seemed you got over me instantly 
But what can ya do 
When the person you love 
Doesn't love you 
Move on and find someone new
It took me a while to find someone I actually liked
We're just getting started but this relationship now 
won't be just fights
I've learnt my lesson I learned from you 
The things I should ignore and the things I should do 
I just wanna make him happy 
And I wanna be happy, too 
I hope this will work out 
'Cause I now know what I should and shouldn't do 

Thanks for the lessons
Thanks for the love 
Thanks for the feelings I always dreamed of 
Thanks for your compassion 
You had towards me 
Thanks for all your patience 
To put up with me
you had to be 
Thanks for loving me 
Thanks for letting me love you 
Thank you for everything 
Thanks, boo...
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Poem ID: 34776   Poem Posted: 6/4/2000
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