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As I Say Goodbye
by Lily  Tchen

I touch your face as you begin to cry.
My heart is hurting as I say good-bye.
How much I love you, you should already know.
My heart is hurting as I slowly let go.

I start to walk away; tears begin to form.
My heart is hurting; my eyes are like storms.
From far away I hear you call my name.
My heart is hurting; I know you feel the same.

I turn around and find you standing there.
My heart is hurting; the pain is hard to bear.
I gently kiss your lips; I'm holding you close.
My heart is hurting... but I really have to go.

Tears are rolling down my face, that is no surprise.
For I am in love with you and I have to say good-bye.
But this love we have, it's passionate and true.
Each day I find myself even more in love with you.

Until I see you again, which I hope won't be long,
Never let go of our love, because I'll be holding on.
But for the last time I kiss your lips and wipe your eyes.
My heart is hurting as I say my final good-bye.
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Poem ID: 39351   Poem Posted: 7/17/2000
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