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by Jasmin Nicole Jones

How dare I laugh when my smiles are fake?
It hurts with every breath I take.
Without you around, oh, how I ache.
My heart was fragile; you made it break.

It shattered to pieces and fell from the sky,
Ten million crystals piercing inside.
For a moment I thought I'd seen love in your eyes, 
But every good thing has to end with a lie.

I found myself dreaming I'd soon be your wife.
I'd give you my heart, I'd give you my life.
You'd return it with pain like a wound from a knife,
And keep hurting me till I felt un-alive.

Why does love do all the things it does?
You sell out your soul just for kisses and hugs.
You become so addicted- it's almost like drugs:
You fell in love once, now you need it so much.

Should loving someone really feel just like this?
Should I wanna die 'cause I can't have your kiss?
Should the only safe place lie right there on your lips?
So, why do I feel I've been hit with a fist?

Sure, love is sweet when you have it so close,
But when it's all gone, that's when you need it most.
That's the one thing about love-  No one really knows.
I feel so alive, but to you... I'm a ghost.

Love cannot see you and neither can he
And reality's so harsh you can't even breathe.
He is the only air you'll ever need.
So what will remain after he leaves?

Nothing but memories, promises broken,
Feelings left hurt, words left unspoken.
When I feel so serious, everyone's joking.
I try hard to laugh, but still, inside I'm choking.

I have just one question:  That question is, 'Why?'
Why do the people say love makes you fly,
When it left me just standing here only to die.
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Poem ID: 40003   Poem Posted: 7/22/2000
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