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by Robert Louis Arehart

You can take away the
sunshine from my heaven.
You can clear out all the
sparkle from my eyes.
You can twist and turn my world
into a dark and dreary place -
and restore it all by
being kind and wise.

You can lift my heart
above the realm of mortals.
You can soar my hopes
upon the wings of song.
You can turn and fill my dreams
to castles and to kings,
and crush it all by saying
something wrong!

You can give me
all the pleasures of a harem.
You can cut and tear and 
rend and wipe away.
You can make my life a passion -
or a torment straight from hell.
You are woman and you are -
my night and day.
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Poem ID: 8135   Poem Posted: 4/13/2000
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