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Secret Place Of Love
by Sunday B. Fakus

On a glorious morning as I stood at the bank of the ocean
I felt love in the newness and completeness of my mind
The wave of the ocean, turbulence of water, and of the wind
Did not disturb the stillness of heaven and its surrounding

I looked around it was empty, nothing was in sight
As I perceived the wonder of water and its inhabitants
Amidst the sound and drum of the mighty ocean
Emerged a voice as strong as the force of a threatening thunder

I quickly gasp for breath beholding the moon and the stars
As they vanished in a split second, giving way to darkness
My body froze as a voice called my name loud and clear
Inviting me to a land unknown to every carnal mind

From the darkness emerged a painted, decorated waving hand
Beckoning me to yield all within my power for an adventure
It assured me behind the darkness lies an everlasting light
That appears and shines forever in the presence of love

I looked up and down in perpetual awesome wonder
As the thought of meeting her occupies my thirsty soul
With no traces of footprints we flew beyond the sky
There we lived 'til the fullness of love consumed our hearts
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Poem ID: 17129   Poem Posted: 7/2/1999
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Copyright , May 9, 1999, Sunday B. Fakus  all rights reserved by the author.
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