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First-Time Lovers
by Christina Leigh Agolio

First-time lovers... 
sounds so cheesy, but it's true.  
There's a first for everyone, 
and today was yours and mine, 
a day not to forget, 
a day to remember...
I wish I was older, and could live a real life,
not one that I can't touch, sleep, and feel.  
Something real.  
Something more than 7 hours,
more than words can ever tell, sometimes...
People can't get in trouble for
love that doesn't fade,
love that can stay forever,
Sounds long...
but short, short love that lasts forever.
Sounds like a dream that would never end...
never end... sounds boring,
but sweet... sweet, why can't things be sweet?
Why can't things go smoothly?
Smooth like lotion... 
smooth, cold, sweet smells, cold feelings, sexy feelings, 
feelings that last forever...
Still sounds long...
but still short. 
Long showers,
showers of love or night-long dreams 
only lovers think about...
Real Lovers,
forever lovers...
still sounds long...
but short.  
Why can't people understand?  
Understand love... sounds nasty...
only lovers know...
Lovers like us! 
Real Lovers!
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Poem ID: 71731   Poem Posted: 8/18/2002
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Copyright , 1998, Christina Leigh Agolio  all rights reserved by the author.
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