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by Karina Yvonne Sheffield

We started out in February
not knowing much of love,
but then it all went off the rails
so i sought help from above.

March is where it ended.
I loved you ever so much,
but i guess you didn't feel the same
so we never kept in touch.

Instead we fought for months on end
and i never found out why,
but then it all fell into place
and you asked me out in July.

It was what i'd always dreamed of,
just you right by my side.
We found the true meaning of love,
but kept it all inside.

We were coming into December,
but i couln't see anything wrong.
It feels like we'd been going out
for i couldn't remember how long.

But then it all happened;
it took me by surprise.
I couldn't see all that love
burning in your eyes.

I knew that it had come to an end
when your brother came running over.
I ran towards the front of the school
and nearly fell right over.

I've never been in love before
and i can see why;
it hurts to be in love so much
'cause all you do is cry.

Your friends all told me something true
and do you know what it was?
It was that i was made for you
and none of that, "Because...."

I sort of understand,
but i don't really get it;
i know i'll always love you
and i never will forget it.

 (for every girl who has ever loved)
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Poem ID: 60500   Poem Posted: 5/19/2001
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Copyright , 30.4.01, Karina Yvonne Sheffield  all rights reserved by the author.
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