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Don't Ever Go
by Miriam M. Wynn

I have chased across the world for you, 
In search of you 
And I know that your voice is mine, 
So fine . . . 

I have come so far to reach you, 
I have given up my dreams; 
And where once always there was only sweetness, 
There are nightmares now as well. 

There is pain, 
And anguish? 
But for that I thank you; 
For all that I am glad; 
For all that I have suffered? 
I love you, 
And the darkness does not matter. 

And your eyes are closing? 
Destiny has deemed I may not have you, 
And my will challenges it . . . 
But I must give in? 
I have no choice, 
For I did not make the world, 
And in some things 
I have no right to change it. 

But I love you, 
And I cannot see you go? 
Do not leave me . . . 
I love you. 

And you are sorry, 
As if you've done something 
Oh my darling, 
You've only ever done anything right . . . 

How I do love you! 
And I weep to see you go; 
Your glorious face, 
So fine 
All this time 
Has given me sustenance. 

My heart is breaking. 

Why is the world so cruel? 
Why does God demand that 
Certain souls should suffer 
Who have suffered alone 
For so long before? 

And I have found love. 

And I do not understand 
Why these delicate 
Precious hands of yours 
May not 
Grasp mine anymore 
As they've so wondrously 
Grasped life before? 

Why is life cruel? 
Why must this sadness come 
From the same world 
That brought you to me? 

My love, don't leave me! 
I have so much yet to give you, 
And so much yet to see; 
I thought that we had so much time, 
We've only just now met? 
My love, don't leave me! 

I cannot stand to see you go 
Please don't ever let me go? 

I love you . . . 
And I cannot, 
Cannot ever let you go . . . 

My love, please . . . 

Don't ever, ever go. 
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Poem ID: 8724   Poem Posted: 1/17/1999
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Copyright , 1998, Miriam M. Wynn  all rights reserved by the author.
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