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To You
by Heather Hope Comer

I've made some mistakes in life,
and don't know how to fix 'em.

Sittin' here tryin' to figure
out why I did them.

People expect too much of me,
they bring me so much pain.

All their yelling and screaming
falls on me like hard rain.

God knows who I really am,
He knows my fear.

He hears my whispered prayers
and sees my wounded tears.

We think we know what
love is, yet we have no idea.

That's why girls are crying,
because their bf's love 'em, right?

Real love isn't like that,
everyone will find that out one day.

Some of us will find out 
the hard way, I know I did.

So be careful of what you do, 
I don't want my mistakes happening to you.
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Poem ID: 71713   Poem Posted: 8/17/2002
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Copyright , 2001, Heather Hope Comer  all rights reserved by the author.
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