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My days without you!
by meagan E. Richter

As I sit here staring out into space,
I barely can hear what they're saying to me, 
all I can think of is how we used to be.

Your sweet, sexy, brown eyes looking into mine, 
and how I thought I could see myself in them...
now they just look around, confused and desperate, 
like you're lost and don't know who to turn to now.

They say you like some other girl, 
that you're "in love" with her,
but they say a lot of things...
Is it really even true?

How could you just leave me, out of the blue?
I thought you loved me, and you wanted to be mine forever.
I guess I thought wrong, 
and will have to live with your memory forever.

All I can think of is the things you said to me, 
and the way you had me fooled, 
thinking that you were really so madly in love with me.

The things I did for you make me sick to think of,
the way you always convinced me to do things with you 
that I really wasn't ready to do.

I was with you for what seemed like an eternity,
but why now does it seem like it was only a little while?

You don't even look happy,
and why do you always stare at me?

I thought you hated me. 
I thought you "loved" her! 
What is it you want from me?
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Poem ID: 72593   Poem Posted: 10/21/2002
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Copyright , 8/25/02, Meagan Elaine Richter  all rights reserved by the author.
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