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by M. J. Steele

Dreamers, beware, 
For love is a county fair.

Voluminous pink cotton candy,
Melts in my mouth- sweetness galore.
Spun sugar and air. That's all it is.
Why did I expect more?

"Toss the wooden rings," I hear the barker say.
"Toss the wooden rings, and win a great prize."
And soon I found I'd gambled my soul
For a cheap teddy bear with baby blue eyes.

Listen to the gaiety of the off-key carousel.
"Dance, dance," it seemed to intone.
And I danced and danced the night away
...Until I was dancing alone.

Now ride the giant Ferris wheel
For a magical trip to the moon.
Look quickly, relish the view.
It comes back to earth too soon.

Taste the scrumptious ice cream,
Rich swirls for me to savor.
With trusting heart I did not know
I embraced an imitation flavor.

Let the brightly clad fortune teller
Predict what I'll face tomorrow.
Believe the good, ignore the bad,
Deny the future's sorrow.

And today the carnival is gone, 
Except a dusty blue ribbon, a nickel, a dime.
Those and memories are all I have,
Till the fair comes around next time.

But it's gone now and there is nothing much to see.
The fair is over... and there is nothing left for me.
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Poem ID: 48635   Poem Posted: 10/25/2000
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