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by   Little One

Cheers, here's to the end
It's time to say good-bye

I don't want to be here
or see the sun tomorrow
And I don't want to see you...

I'm gunna die tonight
Go ahead, blame yourself
Why not, it's your fault

You're the one who led me on
And told me all your lies

I thought you loved me
But, I was wrong...
So compleatly wrong

I tell myself, "take another drink
It will help heal the pain"
But it don't... makes it worse
That's okay, it won't hurt soon

I know nobody cares
They let me drink and drive
They know how I get when I drink
I get depressed and stupid

I got in my car and drove away
They didn't even wave good-bye

So, now I'm here 
At the top of the highest cliff
My foot on the brakes...
The car's in drive...

Cheers, this one's for me
My heart starts to pound

I rev up the engine
Take my foot off the brake 
Go speeding toward the end of my life

As I fly through the sky 
I look back at my life
I know this is the way to go

I'm gunna be happy now
And so are you 
No more having to see me
No more pain, no more hate

Cheers, this one's for you
The last of the bottle
I'm finished with it 
I'm finished with you...
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Poem ID: 76750   Poem Posted: 4/22/2004
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