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Let's Give It A Try
by Alejandra Lil Ma Caro

I write to you today, Not to tear you apart 
But I write to you today to say what?s on my mind.

I know we been friends for just a little while 
But I have told you things that I don?t usually tell guys
You?re one those guys that I can trust 
You?re someone that I keep thinking about.

We had one small conversation, 
We talked on the phone for just a litte while.
There?s something that I felt 
Something more than friends, something I know can grow
Is something I know is real.

Everything that I needed was wandering around
What all started as just a dream has actually became real,
I know we don?t know each other that well,
I just can?t help the way I fell
but I know that is real.

I began to question 
My feelings, are they true? (I just met the guy) 
But there?s no question about it 
All I want is you.
First thing in the morning I?m hoping it?s true,
Waiting for that day, to call you my boy.
Hoping that this fantasy can become real.
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Poem ID: 85138   Poem Posted: 12/13/2006
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Copyright , November 26. 2006, Alejandra Caro  all rights reserved by the author.
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