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Too Blind To See
by Miss  Phoebe

I can?t get rid of my fears.
I can?t stop my falling tears.
My mind is going wild.
I can?t stop crying
just like a new born child.

I don?t feel okay.
there ain?t much to say.
I don?t wanna live.
I don?t wanna give.
Have nothing to say.
I wanna go away...
to a place where you are not.
with people who care a lot
and who don?t treat me like a game to play.

I have nothing more to say
exept for this...
Why are you doing this to me?
Am I too blind to see
you?re an angel in disguise?
Am I really too dumb too realize
there will never be
a you and me?

Yes I?m too blind to see
?cuz you?ve blinded me.
Seven months ago
my love began to grow.
My love grows bigger every day.
And now you took my hope away;
That little hope there was left inside.

I?m too tired to fight.
This way I feel
is so real.
Too strong to fight it.
too big to hide it.
Sorry can?t do,
just wanna get over you.

I wanna hurt you.
Just to show you the way I feel.
It?s just me and a broken heart that can?t heal.
I have to move on.
Can someone help me?
I feel like I?ve lost it.
I?m so fed up with this 
I wanna scream.
I wanna end this dream;

That stupid vision that will never be true.
I?m so sick of wanting you.
How can a love last this long?
How can my feelings be so strong
for a boy I hardly know,
for a boy who makes me so low?

I guess love is a thing we can accomplish.
I can only wish
that love is gonna do me right.
Just have to pray love is on my side.
Don?t look me in the eyes no more.
Don?t give me any more pain or sore.

I can?t stand your beautiful face no longer.
Let me show you I?m sronger.
I don?t even know if I can override this love inside of me
?cuz I?m too blind too see,
there is no hope left for you and me.
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Poem ID: 24061   Poem Posted: 12/11/1999
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Copyright , 3-11-99, miss phoebe  all rights reserved by the author.
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