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Because I Love You
by Erica Dawn Hopper

If I could, I'd put all the fireflies in the universe 
in a glass jar to light up your night
I would lasso the moon
And tint the sun- if it was too bright

I'd warm all the waters around so you could have a nice swim
And make the coldest lemonade on a hot summer day
I'd turn on the fan at night so you wouldn't get too hot
And sing your favorite song in the shower

I'd give you a sweet kiss after a long day at work
And make your absoulute favorite meal for your birthday
I'd erase the clouds if they were too dark
And make the rain tap on the roof all night long to help you sleep

I'd wash your Camaro on a hot day in the backyard, 
wearing a bikini and wear one of your shirts to sleep in
And watch all the car shows with you
And I would do all this... because I love you
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Poem ID: 77433   Poem Posted: 7/29/2004
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Copyright , 2004, Erica Dawn Hopper  all rights reserved by the author.
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