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You're Not There
by Rachel Joan Griffen

You're out of my life
And it ain`t working for me
Your hugs aren`t there
When I walk out the door

I never expected 
Much from you
Just as long as
Your love was there

I guess it was too much to ask
As I sit down crying
Without your shoulder
To cry on
You promised me
You`d never stop lovin' 
That spark in my eye as I stare
So why, tell me why, just why aren`t you here?

You held my hand as we walked
But now all I feel is air
You slipped away before I could catch you in time
So now I must suffer and bear
Wishing my baby was here

Life goes on 
But I still feel lonely
'Cuz you're not here
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Poem ID: 35765   Poem Posted: 6/13/2000
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