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Love Of A Father
by Sunday B. Fakus

It tickled my mind, smooth and gentle
When I first embraced you in my arms
A pretty newborn beaming with smile
You became my lovely, beautiful child

From little child I nurtured you
Watching and caring while you grew up
Throughout the years you completed my joy
Seeing part of me healthy and strong

So glad I had you, my lovely child
Deep down within I'm so proud of you
Whether I'm young or old and gray
My love for you will remain the same

Remember my words and my teachings
How I taught you to watch and pray
Believe in yourself and have faith
Be courageous; don?t be led astray
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Poem ID: 37060   Poem Posted: 6/27/2000
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Copyright , February 10, 2000, Sunday B. Fakus  all rights reserved by the author.
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