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If only the world could be alcohol free
by JJ   Smith

If only the world could be alcohol free, 
Then I wouldn?t have to live my life in misery.

If there was no alcohol, I wouldn?t be treated like this. 
I wouldn?t feel depressed all the time; I wouldn?t be hit.

I have too many problems with people who drink a lot.
I don?t want to grow up like that, to become something I'm not.

I have no way of dealing with my dad. 
There are others out there like me; it makes me mad.

Why can't he see what he does to me? 
Other people can see, so why can't he?

Maybe he doesn?t want to; maybe he can't take it.
I don?t know how much more I can take; soon I'm going to commit.

There?s no place I can go, no where to hide.
I can only sit there and take it, let it kill me inside.

I don?t know what to do, no where to turn. 
I can only hope that one day he will never return.

This pain is hard on me, I'm so unstable.
Sometimes I wish my life was just a fable.

I dread when every night comes around. 
I just wish I could  be lost and never found.

Why must I live like this; why don?t I have a normal home?
Life is so unfair; some get all, others nothing. Why? It's unknown.

I see all my peers with smiles on their faces, and always happy.
I just play that role, put on those smiles and faces, but inside I'm unhappy.

I can't play those roles anymore.
Can I just be normal; is that too much to ask for?

It hurts me soo much that I have to deal with this condition.
It's not fair.  I'm always in submission.

This battle is so hard to fight.
It will never be better; it will never be all right.

I can't wait till the day I can leave.
That day will give me so much relief, you can't believe.

Until that day I will continue to struggle.
There is no one here for me, no one to cuddle.

I have nowhere to channel this pain. 
It's so hard to explain, I'm going insane.

To all of those out there who are like me,
I feel your pain.  One day you too will be free.
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Poem ID: 68917   Poem Posted: 3/8/2002
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