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My Homie
by   CritterLuva

I was thinking about you one day
And of all the times we shared
and I wanted to say "Hi"
And tell ya' I'm still there.

Remember when we were little
And hand in hand we walked
And remember our first drug we did
And all the hours we used to talk.

Remember when I showed you Thug
And you showed me gangsta luv,
Remember when I kicked your azz
And in return I got a hug.

You were my homie since age 6
When in kindergarden we became friends.
And ever since then...
forever seemed to neva end.

Remember whenI ran away from home
Straight to you I ran.
And you cradled me in your arms
And told me sweet dreams?

Remember when the cops came and cuffed me
Right in front of school
And you ran and screamed
So they arrested you.

I remember writing you letters
And telling you how down I felt
And you wrote back with such love
I was truly touched within myself.

So I'm writing this
To tell you "Hi"
And that I'm still at your side.
You are my homie, my thug, my friend.
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Poem ID: 69506   Poem Posted: 3/23/2002
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