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by Adelle Yogi Adams

The calm serenity of loneliness
The awkward silence of fear 
The unusual anger in happiness
The cunningness in sadness
The pleasantness of one's tears
The faithfulness of love
The cruel but pure intentions of our hearts 
The restless slumber
The song of a dying bird
The never-ending crying of a newborn child
The gift of passion
The taste of loving lips
The mystery of the unknown soul
The tired wondering fool
The wisdom of a mother to her child
The beauty of a single rose
The risk of a stranger's curiousity
The peace of the dead
The yearning for love that was lost
The annoying torture of wanting to be touched 
The helplessness of standing alone
The poetic justice of words
The relentless whispers of the wind
Untamed dreams 
The twilight moon...

You can tell a lot from a person's thoughts.
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Poem ID: 59082   Poem Posted: 4/10/2001
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