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A Poem About Life
by Jeannette Grace Marquis

All my life so confused and so mad
Living in my dream it's almost too sad
Scared to love and scared to hate
Keeping this promise I refuse to break
Searching for life no one will die
Give me your hand and to heaven we fly
Away from hurt away from pain
All terrible feelings are drained
Life is a game in which we choose to play
Thinking of things to do and to say
Things go from bad to good
Not always turning out how they should
Roll the dice once and then roll them twice
Make your move quick and make it precise
Keep on playing and maybe you'll win
Then your lovely life will truly begin
If you quit because you just can't decide
Well hey, that's like committing suicide
Life is a gift to keep or return
Or in the dark flames of hell do you burn
Life is a star shinning so bright
Yet it leaves me so alone in the deepness of night
The heart keeps beating yearn after yearn
Too many lessons in life to be learned
Living in my dream it's almost too sad
All my life so confused and so mad	
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Poem ID: 10796   Poem Posted: 2/5/1999
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Copyright , 11/30/98, Jeannette Grace Marquis  all rights reserved by the author.
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