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Unaswered Questions
by   Jenny

Why do things have to be discovered,
       the computer age has to come,
       the internet has to be the "in-thing",
    and chatting has to be a craze ?

Why did I
    ...allow my father to gain access to the net,
       ask the technical support to help me download Mirc,
       install it to my PC,
    and start using it ?

Why did You
    ...have to say 'Hi' and 'Hello,'
       bother to ask if I had received a file named "script.ini",
       have to know my ASL (age, sex, location in case you don't know),
    and teach me the ins and outs of Mirc ?

Why do we
    ...have to meet again the following nights and discover 
       that you are my friends' neighbor and classmates;
    ...have to be open with each other and become friends ?

Why am I
    ...enjoying your company,
       seeking your presence every night,
       feeling confused,
    and starting to fall for you ?

Why do you
    ...have to play innocent,
       pretend that you know nothing,
       ignore the thoughts between the lines,
    and have to be so blind ?

Why does every start, a finish line will be encounter,
       in every beginning, an end will follow,
       in every acquaintance, farewell must be told,
    and in every hello, goodbye must be said ?

In a span of six months
    ...we had shared a lot of things -- our problems, dreams, fears
           and heartaches and we even had our little debates 
           and arguments;
    ...we had too much of each other so quickly and 
           now we no longer have each other.

and now, as I sit in front of my computer,
    and stare at my monitor blankly,
    hoping to see you online,
    wishing you would talk to me again
    and bring back the lost shine of my nights...

Now that you are gone,
    ...why does my world have to stop, yet, yours continues to move on ?
    ...why can't I stop myself from thinking about you, knowing
            she is the one you are thinking ?
    ...why can't I stop loving you, despite the fact you are willing
             to take chances with her ?


So many questions,
    ...still left unaswered,
       still looking for the answers.
    ...waiting for someone to answer them,
       hoping that... it will be 

               Y O U ! ! !
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Poem ID: 7309   Poem Posted: 8/28/1998
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