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Faded Memories
by Justin  XXX

Their dancing is a part of history
First tender kiss... swept away in the breeze
Nights together from sunset to sunrise... gone

Two loving souls; nothing more than memories
Walking past each other
When they used to be together

Not a single glance; not another chance
For her to talk to him; for him to go to her
They used to be inseparable

One would kiss the other; the other kiss right back
These former times of happiness... finished
These opposites never again to attract

Teardrops down their tender cheeks
Laughter of happiness leaving their mouths
To think of what they used to have

Now with it gone, I wonder how
Their very last night together...
Sitting by the bonfire

Definition of time not having been yet invented
Neither soul could ever get tired
But once the one heart split back to two

Once their entangled souls ran from each other
Seeing them leave and walk away
I think I'm dreaming

This just can't be over
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Poem ID: 6896   Poem Posted: 8/9/1998
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Copyright , 1998, Justin XXX  all rights reserved by the author.
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