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by   StarRides

winds whisper in my ear
so strange, your voice I hear
staring at the restless sea
in waves I see you and me
my shell of life echoes pain
eyes filled like pouring rain
my mind in travel to happy days
life so full and passioned phased
even silence had a joyous song
the feel of love and I belonged
moonlight flowing in your hair
your eyes of love filled with care
your lips part with passions fire
my hands trembled with desire
in loves rush we, as one, ignite
so begins this loving flight
longing senses, tender bliss
it all began with a single kiss
in the wind this errie sound
my dream ends, waves pound
on this beach just sand and me
the lost hope of what could be
Just a fool in loves memory
haunted by all and never free
tears of loss streak my face
lost in this forgotten place
to have you back at any cost
reclaim my heart and love lost
I walk across this lonely span
no footprints left in blowing sand
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Poem ID: 4077   Poem Posted: 5/1/1998
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