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by S. Hall Zilla

I'm so afraid...

My memories of you are fading away,
like sunshine on a cloudy day;

Like denim worn thin and bare,
Like an old frock I no longer wear;

I don't want them to fade, 
they're like an old friend
that I can sit down with 
at my day's end.

I laugh with them,
Sometimes even weep,
and I can bid them disappear 
when they delve to deep.

They're precious to me,
all I have left of you,
Is it ordained
that I lose them too?

I guess old Father time 
decided this should be,
without even bothering
to consult me.

He probably thought
I'd say no,
that I'd never choose 
to let them go.

You know... he's right...

I'd never voluntarily release them,
I cherish them to much, 
the same way I did
your gentle touch.

I think...

Sometime when you get that
for which you pray,
false gods get jealous,
and take it away.

But no matter what...

I'll always remember,
every now and then,
all that we had
and what might have been.

Although they have to leave,
every once in a while,
I know those faded memories 
will still make me smile.
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Poem ID: 830   Poem Posted: 1/15/1998
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Copyright , January 15, 1998,  all rights reserved by the author.
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