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Life Dream
by Ella  Kay

I saw you once in a dream,
Sapphire eyes!
Drawing my heart to the palm of your hand,
holding me there...

Sitting at your knee listening to long-ago stories.
Magical webs you weave,
taking me from my self-imposed solitude,
thrusting me into a rainbow's-journey
of delight.

Hours spent in your presence disappear in but a moment!
Sapphires darken to cobalt in the fires glow.
Stillness cocoons us in thoughtfulness;
my head on your knee dreaming, your hand caressing my hair.

Rightness descends upon us.
This time, this place... 
We together blend into one...
To the precious moments of US!

I saw you once in a dream......
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Poem ID: 10439   Poem Posted: 1/30/1999
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Copyright , 1-25-99, Ella Kay  all rights reserved by the author.
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