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Because Of You
by Sharon  Grant

Where is that man I once adored
So strong, with a generosity that would overwhelm me
I watched you sleep
I watched you breathe
And it filled me with a happiness beyond explanation

I wanted the world to know what you were to me
I wanted to replace the morning cockerel 
To shout out the love I felt for you

But, alas, this joy has been sapped from my being
The feelings I have now are only of pain and mistrust
Allow me the incapacities of a blind deaf mute 
To shield me from the sensations of life
I?m losing my mind in my incomprehension of your actions

Why did you find it so easy to cast me aside?
Help me to understand...
Did I mean so little to you?
Did you not feel my love?
Did I not fulfill your desires?

If the loss of me was your intent, 
Your motives have been fulfilled
But in taking your love from me, 
You've stolen more than just my emotions
For you have taken my very will to live

I cannot bother with the trivialities of life such as sustenance
I have no need of nurishment, warmth or affection
You have taken my ability to live and want life
Tomorrow is a word that means nothing to me now
For how can I face another day like today.
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Poem ID: 55409   Poem Posted: 3/24/2001
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