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Heart, Shine No More
by Alyssa Anne Vitry

The night slides around my body
and love's reality overcomes me,
with a world that defies the thought
of wanting to be loved.

I have been hurt so many times before.
Why should I choose to be hurt again?
I know the sleepless nights
and all of the sad, lonely tears.

I know the feeling of a broken heart 
and the thought of never being needed again.
I have already seen the world in black 
and gone along with stupid advice of friends.

I have already reached the so-called 'top'...
only to fall hard... back to the floor.
I have done things 'in the name of love'
and then tried to take them back.

Why should I go through it again?
The pain, confusion and trials of love.
Only to have my happy days shattered 
and all of my hopes extinguished before me.

No, I will not face that curse once more.
For a person in love has a heart like a light.
And like all lights... they always go out in the end.
So I wish for my light to never shine again.
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Poem ID: 22189   Poem Posted: 8/20/2001
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Copyright , 10-30-99, Alyssa Anne Vitry  all rights reserved by the author.
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