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How to say goodbye
by Krystal M. Courtney

Sometimes it's hard to say it,
But sometimes it must be heard.
Some say it's hard to understand,
And hard to accept this word.

Good-bye, I know, isn't easy.
It's just something that must be done.
And once this word is spoken,
You turn around and your friend is gone.

Sometimes good-bye is forever,
Others- just for a while,
But then the heart grows weaker,
And you're faced with pure denial.

Is the good-bye you have spoken,
For forever or just a day?
And if you're gone for forever,
Will the pain I feel go away?

I shall not get discouraged,
'Cause I know it's for the best.
So, please don't get discouraged,
Just lay your worries to rest.

You've been such a good friend to me,
It's hard to let you go
And inside I feel a burning,
Like my heart's about to explode.

Does good-bye hold forgetfulness,
Or does it hold a friend?
And if you come back, please let me know,
So I can prepare to say this again.

You've been there through my troubles,
And you've been there through my pain,
You were there when I thought my life,
Had nothing for me to gain.

Now I guess I'll stop writing,
Before I start to cry.
You'll always have a friend in me,
I love you... and good-bye.
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Poem ID: 19064   Poem Posted: 2/1/2000
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