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by Donna Lynn Hunt

Like the air I breathe,
I cannot contain your love...
To live
 I must exhale
  let go
   and give.

Your love... is
 too high to reach
  too vast to embrace
   too beautiful to bear.

Your mercy, your grace
Like none other I've ever known
and I cannot understand
the extent of your love

and, still, 
here I stand within it
 like a dove in the wind
  like a rose in the rain
   like a child in his father's arms

I can know it, yet, cannot attain
your love
I rest in it, yet, it cannot rest in me
it must flow free.

Your love... is
too sweet not to share 
  too awesome to keep inside
   too powerful to withhold
    too much to hoard
     too bright to hide.

Like no other love I've ever known
it belongs to me
but is not my own
I cannot contain such love, 
to live
 I must exhale
  let go
   and give...
your love...
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Poem ID: 4177   Poem Posted: 5/12/1998
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Copyright , 5-03-98, Donna Lynn Hunt  all rights reserved by the author.
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