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Whatever I Can
by Isabel Caila Samuels

I'll do whatever I can for you-
Buy every piece of land for you,
But then I'd have a fear of giving you 
Too much to take care of.

I could fly to the heavens and catch the moon,
But I might cause the sun to come up too soon. 
I could entice the shining stars
Into their very own quart jars.

But of what benefit am I,
If I take the light from your sky?
I could pick all the flowers and fill your room,
But then- when would the outside be rid of gloom?

I could scoop up all the waters of the sea, clear and cool,
But what good are the crashing waves in a silent pool?
So what, my love, can I really do to truly profit you?

I could probably steal your heart, if I tried hard enough
But wouldn't theft defeat the purpose of love-
Which is to wholly give your heart to another
Without disguise or sly cover-

What happiness has a caged bird that sings?
For a caged bird cannot spread the song without wings.
So, I'll leave you to love whom you will, my dear,
And maybe soon your heart's own gravity will pull you here.
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Poem ID: 43897   Poem Posted: 6/1/2003
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