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De La Luce
by Nicole  Arias

From the light she came.
From the brightest abyss,
where souls like hers are set adrift.
Drifting my way,
she wrapped around me
like a sweet breeze on a perfect day.
My love, so lovely.....
graceful in her ways, splendid in her beauty.
Her every move is like a soft song,
a sonata for my soul to dance to.
Watching her, I am moved,
and I feel her move with me,
Till we each others eyes.
It is there, in eyes of love,
I find pieces of my heart.
Her tenderness seeps inside me
and caresses my deepest parts.
From the light she came.
Pure and exquisite.....
her light heals me again and again.
Passion burns wildly in her eyes
and sets her smile aflame.
Her essence flows through me
just as blood flows through my veins.
A remarkable woman.....
she is a gift to anyone who knows her.
To me, she is a priceless treasure,
simply because... I love her.
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Poem ID: 1359   Poem Posted: 2/7/1998
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