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Thank You For the Memories    Love and Parting   
By: Keri    
"As I lay here beside you
Looking into your beautiful eyes ..."
Rescue    Love and Fear   
By: Jody Vianne Sheeks    
"Rescue me from this pain i feel
Make these feelings become- unreal ..."
I Am The Rose    The Pains of Love   
By: Anna M. Burlingame    
"I am the Rose,
You are the Rain. ..."
Chapters    The Pains of Love   
By: Angelique    
"How do you re-address your love,
when the binding is thread bare and the pages left there ..."
faith of the blind    Love and Distrust   
By: elle    
"your lies.
Not merely spoken by your lips - ..."
Should I??    Love Declared   
By: Mira El-Nachar    
"Should i tell you what's been on my mind?
Should i tell you how much i'm in a bind? ..."
Heaven    New Love   
By: Jamie D    
"I wonder what is this?
What is this world I've fallen in? ..."
Together    The Power of Love   
By: Amenekko    
"Blue on blue, shaded, soft
gentle sea and twilight horizon. ..."
Who?    Love Remembered   
By: Robert Louis Arehart    
" Who would I miss
if I didn't miss you? ..."
The Real Me    Future Love   
By: ITSme    
"This face that's on the outside
is just the face you see ..."
Untitled #2    The Power of Love   
By: C. L. Moylan    
"A bass drum in constant thrum
Mimics the beat of my racing heart ..."
If I Told You...    Love and Fear   
By: Crystal R. Hinson    
"If I told you I loved you,
would you push me away? ..."
In My Heart    Love Declared   
By: Linda Marie Lofaro    
"In my heart... I belong to you;
With every breath I take... I belong to you. ..."
miss you!    Love Remembered   
By: Saira Farooq Siddiq    
" I know it's you!
While lying under the blue sky, ..."
Kaleidoscope    Love Fantasy   
By: Cecil Vernon Crumrine, Jr.    
"The moon
gently tugs the tide ashore, ..."
Awakening    Love Described   
By: Libbi Yardley    
"Bursting through sunlight
I grew warm, ..."
Another Hurt    Love Remembered   
By: Saint    
"Her waves of words crashed down upon my brow
with a steady chill ..."
Ecstasy    The Power of Love   
By: Bill    
"Joys untold on a clear spring day,
And a babies gentle tear, ..."
Kiss Away The Day    The Power of Love   
By: Philip Stephen Spillman    
" When the day is longer than you,
wearing you thin, making you crave sweet, placid dreams ..."
Gazing Into Your Eyes    The Power of Love   
By: Philip Anthony Tucker    
"When I look inside of you,
our two souls seem to touch. ..."
A Ghost    Love Remembered   
By: Ella Kay    
quiet tree-lined trails ..."
Bad things all must come to an end    Love Past   
By: GT    
"When kisses taste of tears
then at the tip of our tongues ..."
Untitled 12    Secret Love   
By: gman    
"One breath away from
kissing your lips from ..."
FORBIDDEN    Secret Love   
By: Carla Marie Adair    
"My heart is like a river,
that runs so very deep. ..."
Letter 34    Love Fantasy   
By: Robert Anthony James    
"I once desired the flower of the heavens...
But I don't walk through that garden anymore. ..."

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