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I still look at our picture when I'm feeling down    Love and Death   
By: Snowflower    
"Well, years have passed since that horrid day you died
and my life was changed. ..."
She    The Power of Love   
By: Silvana Krculic    
"Her hand she lays on the paper,
Her heart she gives to art. ..."
You and I    Love Apart   
By: Bill    
"You look but cannot see me,
You listen but cannot hear, ..."
Moonlight Kisses    Love Described   
By: Michael David Coffey    
"Love in the pale glow
of an effervescing moon ..."
Eclipse    About a Loved One   
By: Amie    
"Eclipse the moon,
blank out it's nightime brilliance, ..."
Must I Hate the Moon?    Love Apart   
By: Pasquale    
"The moon appears first
as a mere sliver of brightness in a desolate sky, ..."
Sand and Blue Skies    Love Described   
By: Steve Soskin    
"Just a hint of soft azure radiates from within
As I melt under your loving gaze ..."
Touched the soul of thee    About a Loved One   
By: Bill    
"I?ve held you in my arms before ?
So close were you to me, ..."
Sheer Poetry    Love Described   
By: Gina Murray    
"What is it I see in you?
Is it you or just an image. ..."
Mother's Hands    Mothers Day Poems   
By: Anna Malgorzata Banasiak    
"You baked for me the world
smelling of bread, ..."
Thief    Love and Death   
By: L. Carroll    
"A divine soul...
Fear    Love and Fear   
By: jenelle raeanne longstreth    
"in the warmest of embraces
there is always a sense of withdrawal ..."
Mirror of Love    Love Displayed   
By: Tamara Beryl Latham    
"His eyes beheld my own
that night in June ..."
Trees    For That Special Someone   
By: Dana Dirkintis    
"How many times have I dreamt of you? I often wonder why,
As I fall asleep and look to the moonlight sky. ..."
Beauty    Love Described   
By: Timothy M Mathis    
"Beauty is the morning sun
That breaks the dark of night, ..."
Marry Me    Love And Marriage   
By: Richard Oti    
"I skipped over a hundred lips to kiss yours
It was tender, heavenly, and a perfect first. ..."
Sorry I Wasted Your Time!    Suicide   
By: Jess Hinchberger    
"They say, "What doesn't kill you
Makes you all the stronger." ..."
I Am    Love and Family   
By: Joann Marie Sweet    
"I may not be who you want me to be
But I am who I am- ..."
when i need you most    Love Triangle   
By: Shakera deandra winters    
"9 to 2 may be good for you but for me it just won't do.
7 to 9 is not enough time, 10 to 4; sorry I need so much more. ..."
Lovesong    Love Past   
By: Emily Yates    
"Come and love me
The streets are ..."
A Picture Of Us    The Power of Love   
By: James L. MickeyPigKnuckles    
"Through my words of poetry, I want to paint,
A Picture Of Us. ..."
hearts    The Power of Love   
By: Ingrid Showalter Swift    
"Hearts sliced from the same red felt
with exactly the same slight curve to the left; ..."
I love him    The Power of Love   
By: Hannah    
"When my love is far away,
He tells me we?re together ..."
Ecstasy    The Power of Love   
By: Bill    
"Joys untold on a clear spring day,
And a babies gentle tear, ..."
Inspiration    Love Described   
By: R. Bertone    
"A seed was watched
from above, ..."

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