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Jeanet, count the stars around the moon    Love and Family   
By: Miss Phoebe    
"Do you see that woman in her chair-
the chair is labeled ..."
True Love Awaits You    The Power of Love   
By: Sam L. Bundy    
"Eyes that are crystal clear,
one thinks he could see forever. ..."
It's All 'Cause I Love You    Love Described   
By: Amanda Ruth Donovan    
"When I close my eyes I see a vision of you standing there.
I could hold you forever, as if I was with my favorite teddy bear. ..."
Carved Away    Secret Love   
By: Jacob Lynn Hickman    
"A simple set of emotions,
Taken out of hand. ..."
last night    Love Fantasy   
By: JohnRob    
"last night- i held you in my arms.
oh, his eyes    New Love   
By: natalia Buckova    
"He was walking by my house
One morning in late autumn, ..."
All Alone    Love and Parting   
By: Alfonso A. Corona    
"She said, she and his dad weren't in love anymore.
And, the man she loved now... wouldn't open the door. ..."
He Shared Her    Love Past   
By: Michelle Juliet Valdes    
"I live amongst the words of a page
a life squeezed into a tired hand ..."
Love is...    Love Described   
By: Eurlantae    
"Love is freedom
through slavery ..."
An african kiss?    Infatuation   
By: Wendy Joan Ng    
"...under your hat
...in cool rain ..."
He say... She say...    Love Past   
By: Nyla S. Funderburk    
"When I heard you were cheating,
I didn't know what to do. ..."
No Tomorrow    Unrequited Love   
By: Michael Hawley    
"It will slip into forgotten
a jaded memory ..."
Lovers Lost    Love and Death   
By: Tamara Beryl Latham    
"Into the evening hour she flees the gates
Of hell where she, enchained by love, was bound ..."
of something invisible    The Philosophy of Love   
By: David Fronius    
"i watched as she slept
somehow she sensed it ..."
Time Without End    Love Between Friends   
By: Michael Brian James Freeman    
"In a beautiful land where the earth scrapes the sky,
I conquered the peak of a mountain, so high, ..."
eclispe    Love Described   
By: Jeremy Michael Aungst    
" let dawn awake,
for I have never seen such beauty. ..."
IF HEARTS WERE WATER    Love Described   
By: John Abbie Mitchell III    
"If hearts were water
Yours would be the sea ..."
Full Circle    Love Remembered   
By: Zahra Faisal Asghar    
"Each day circles in constant motion,
unrested and hurried rounds of commotion, ..."
A Song For You    Love Withdrawn   
By: Lindsey    
"I loved you so much, for so long,
I never thought that feeling could be wrong. ..."
Remember    Unrequited Love   
By: Nicole Arias    
"I hope, one day, you will think back
to these moments... when we held each other ..."
Angel Hair Moon    New Love   
By: Chelse Elliot    
"Blindly we strolled the
avenues of ..."
You and Me    Love Apart   
By: Kevin Strong    
"Not a day goes by, I don't see your face
And long to be in your embrace, ..."
Would You Notice Me    Secret Love   
By: ITSme    
"If we passed each other on the street today...
would you notice me? ..."
Tears    The Pains of Love   
By: Raquel Miranda    
"you know those tears sliding down my face
yeah, yours should be falling in their place ..."
rainy day    Love Past   
By: roy regan    
"As the cold, hard rain beats down
upon the roads of ink black tar. ..."

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