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I Know I'll Love Again    Love Past   
By: Angel    
"How do you repair a heart that's broken?
How do you heal the wounds? ..."
Let us be    The Power of Love   
By: Carina Catacutan Crump    
"Amidst this cruel world, he arose
There tattooed on his arm, a purple rose ..."
Only When...    Love Withdrawn   
By: Rebecca Walkins Randle    
"You only want me when
the sun has drifted off to sleep ..."
Broken    Love and Parting   
By: Ronda Lee White    
"the whispered words we once spoke
the promises of love we made... ..."
Shall We Two Choose To Forget    Love and Parting   
By: PassionIsMyBlood    
"Heart, shall we two choose to forget-
the tenderness of a loving kiss? ..."
love    The Pains of Love   
By: anonymous    
"I never understood how people whispered love and pain
in the same breath ..."
An Evening Rose    Infatuation   
By: Cary W. Tucker    
"A sharp silhouette in the ballroom door,
A shadowy figure across the floor, ..."
It Still Remains (Call Me a Fool)    The Pains of Love   
By: Joel L. Reid    
"Angel-song, soft and lovely over the distant hill,
Reminds me of how beautiful a sound can be, ..."
with this ring...    For That Special Someone   
By: Kenneth Ray Carmichael    
"with this ring i do vow to keep my noble promise
a vow that all lovers one day hope to accomplish ..."
One Star    The Power of Love   
By: Stacy E. Langley    
"If you counted all the stars in heaven,
You would see how many wishes were spent.. in vain. ..."
Shelter    The Need to be Loved   
By: Wrigley    
"And if he wishes, then an igloo it shall be:
a home for the craft of love, ..."
The Storm    Love Past   
By: Curtis J. Adams    
" As it rains,
and begins to storm, ..."
Now That You're Gone    Love Apart   
By: Charlin McCollin    
"Now that you're gone
The pain lingers near. ..."
White Moons    Love Fantasy   
By: James Walters    
"White moons rise silently,
And God is seen, ..."
Poem # 71    Love Declared   
By: Jonathan Emerson Hobratsch    
"One day I wrote her name on my hand,
But then came the sweat and eroded it away. ..."
Forever I'll Wait    Secret Love   
By: ITSme    
"I sometimes feel my heart will burst
from wanting you so much ..."
Disseminating Allusion~    The Pains of Love   
By: Daniel J. Mishko    
"Memories come, then fade,
then rebirth in illusive dreams. ..."
Wild Roses    Love Fantasy   
By: Mohammad Badri    
"Early in the morning
I carried bundles of wild Roses ..."
My Mistake    Pleading For Love   
By: Jeff C Jones    
"Sinful attrition rips at my soul
You, my whole, my beloved disease, ..."
Death Will Not Part Us    Love and Death   
By: Aurin    
"Did you wish to know me,
My waters and my banks? ..."
One Last Wish (Daybreak)    Love and Death   
By: Mick Goodson    
Yet why am I still shrouded by darkness. ..."
You Are My Second Skin    Love Described   
By: Tehreem    
"You are my second skin
Protection sent from heaven ..."
Closing the Door    The Pains of Love   
By: Kyla Diane Sharp    
"The door in front of me opens- once again I must enter.
The walls around me crumble- once again I must fall. ..."
Thursday Morning    Love Apart   
By: Chelse Elliot    
"Thursday morning
Warm and burrowed ..."
Maybe    Secret Love   
By: Mary Elizabeth Blessing    
"So maybe I stepped off the side of a cliff
and your the ledge I landed on ..."

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