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China In Your Hands    Love Past   
By: Anita Patricia Chandradatt    
"China in your hands, what are you going to do?
Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true. ..."
Gravity    Love Fantasy   
By: Jedi-Spice    
"You are my moon
but I request stars- ..."
Stranger within me    Love Remembered   
By: Chris L Corey    
"It's getting cold now?
I'll Be Yours And You'll Always Be Mine    For That Special Someone   
By: Cheryl Ann    
"Forever and always, I've loved you that long
What was once just a dream has come true. ..."
Waiting Waiting    Love and Family   
By: Chelse Elliot    
"Cornsilk hair
in curly clumps ..."
Hope for Tomorrow    The Need to be Loved   
By: Isabel Caila Samuels    
"The snow falls then the flowers bloom
I smile... then again I turn to gloom ..."
SILENT    Love Declared   
By: Jennifer Denise Phillips    
"Sweet and silent tenderness
I feel it in you touch ..."
AUTUMN NEVERMORE    Love Remembered   
By: M. J. Steele    
"The hungry finches, their dusty gray coats
changed to bright yellow feathers, gathered ..."
About That Night    For That Special Someone   
By: RedneckTruckGirl    
"I regret all the things that didn't happen.
You were close enough to touch. ..."
I Walk Away!    Love and Parting   
"I feel like we are growing apart more and more everyday.
I stand alone once again with nothing to say. ..."
Do You Know?    Love Between Friends   
By: Hearts N Kansas    
"Be my friend and love me
Sure and true. ..."
Beyond friends    Unrequited Love   
By: Shaun Andrews    
"Her hair pushed back from her face,
Her beauty shining bright, ..."
Bewitched Immortal Love    The Power of Love   
By: Sylvia Leigh    
"On a crisp October night,
By love's sweet spell I knew ..."
True Love    Love Described   
By: Tamara Beryl Latham    
"Love is but a sweet caress
A gentle touch upon thy breast ..."
Miss You So    Love Past   
By: Freddy Juarez Marmolejo    
"I saw your smile in a rainbow yesterday
So very beautiful... took my breath away ..."
As I Sit    The Pains of Love   
By: Charlotte Ann White    
"As I sit looking out this window
rain drops slowly resemble ..."
We Kissed Once, Didn't We?!    Love Remembered   
By: Rose. E Love    
"We kissed once, didn't we?
Were your lips the soft velvet I felt? ..."
Words    The Pains of Love   
By: Rebecca Walkins Randle    
"We said the cruelest things,
Pain overflowed our eyes. ..."
Perception    Love Apart   
By: Glacier Lake    
"Close your eyes and stand
Imagine hands holding you ..."
Untitled    Love and Death   
By: SuGaR BeAr    
"One life,
I only lived to please you. ..."
Letting Go    Love and Parting   
By: Lady Suli    
"I had to say good-bye to you
at whatever cost ..."
In Autumn    Love Remembered   
By: James Walters    
"A valley graced in brilliant gold,
The sapphire of September, ..."
Remember    Unrequited Love   
By: Nicole Arias    
"I hope, one day, you will think back
to these moments... when we held each other ..."
Illusion of Longing    Love Fantasy   
By: Margaret C. Rigsby    
"My mind wanders in directions un-chosen.
Visions of us, as in a dream, ..."
Gem of a Woman    About a Loved One   
By: Avery Robertson    
"Lips, like rubies, glisten
with the radiance of a soul ..."

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