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MEMORIES    Love and Family   
By: Hilary Anne    
"You were my first love, you made my heart sing.
Five months later, you gave me a ring. ..."
Is It Any Wonder I Love You?    Love Declared   
By: Black Rose    
"Is it any wonder I love you?
You are the air I breathe ..."
Longing    About a Loved One   
By: Michael David Coffey    
to see you ..."
A Lover's Tears    Love Described   
By: S. Hall Zilla    
"When lovers first meet...
Eye to eye, ..."
To My Dad:    Love and Hate   
By: Kelly Caudill    
"All of your false promises
Are coming to an end ..."
The Eyes of Love    Pleading For Love   
By: Robert Anthony James    
"In the eyes of the soft wind
She blows. Where she's going- ..."
Surprise    Love and Parting   
By: Eurlantae    
"Surprise! The sun came up.
I wondered if it ever would. ..."
A Mortal in Love    Love Remembered   
By: Robert Louis Arehart    
"Bright sun thru sparkling raindrops.
Still heat on a damp afternoon. ..."
N-LOVE    The Power of Love   
By: Kenneth Ray Carmichael    
"Ridiculous how rhyming lines usually would suffice
A few stanzas performed for her under moonlight ..."
Special Friends    Love Between Friends   
By: Douglas Russell Turner    
" You're a special friend
Who I know is always there ..."
untitled    About a Loved One   
By: Mythology    
"My feelings for you
Cannot be described ..."
I LOVE YOU    Love Described   
By: Nekeisha Sterling    
"I whispered the words over and over again
Tasting the sweet fragrance of each syllables ..."
UNTITLED    Love and Doubt   
By: Crystal M Laskowski    
"Why don't you tell me,
What you really want to say. ..."
Always    New Love   
By: Lovergrl    
"We met through a friend, and I'm glad
we did ..."
Springtime Morning    Abiding Love   
By: Robert M. Topp    
"Sunday papers spread out on the bed.
I pour her Kona roast. She kisses my head. ..."
My love for you    The Power of Love   
By: Priscilla Pi    
"There are no words
to express what I ..."
Love is a Storm    The Power of Love   
By: Charles R Walling    
"As the thunder cracks,
it echoes the sound of my heart when I see you ..."
I dream    For That Special Someone   
By: Jake Anthony Lucero    
"As I look at the stars at night
and dream of what is to be... ..."
SO LATE    The Pains of Love   
By: Minamivy Fantasy    
"It's so late, you didn't wait for me
Time deleted our memories ..."
Paper Love    Love Withdrawn   
By: Tonese Rene Reed    
"Broken wings
A broken heart ..."
Shadow    Love Described   
By: Patty Messineo    
"In everything I do, every place I go,
you are the shadow that eclipses my soul. ..."
By: q_KaReN_q    
"Time, for me, just flies so fast...
Without you here, I learned at last. ..."
Forget my love    The Pains of Love   
By: Inez A.    
"Our shadows danced in the moonlight,
that silent starry night, ..."
Dancing In The Stars Above    Secret Love   
By: Tehreem    
"It is written in the stars above
The sun will shine ..."
Darling, Stay by Me!    The Need to be Loved   
By: Robert Louis Arehart    
"In humble supplication, I plead on bended knee
don't walk away and leave me - darling stay by me! ..."

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