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Nothing to give    Love Withdrawn   
By: Jenna    
"I will sing you a song on paper so that you can read my heart
These words can't seem to make it past my thoughts ..."
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT    Love Fantasy   
By: Richard Oti    
"All I had was a glimpse of you,
One of my eyes caught in the dark, ..."
Dangerous    Love Between Friends   
By: Stacy LM Holloway    
"I think of you when I shouldn't
I dream of your arms around me ..."
Frazzled    The Pains of Love   
By: Lovely Kaaialii Stevens    
"We don't like each other
Or do we? ..."
If You Ever Change Your Love    The Power of Love   
By: Robin Carretti    
"She felt next to a sizzling death.
Was this the good Godly earth? ..."
Do You Really Like It?    Love Rekindled   
By: Robin Carretti    
"What do we really like - well let's think?
We can jot our thoughts finely pointed Ink. ..."
I Love You    The Power of Love   
By: Daisy Lynn Lloyd    
"With you I feel something I have never felt before
I have loved in the past but nothing like this- ever ..."
Together My One True Love    Future Love   
By: David P Carroll    
"Together, My One True Love
I want to last ..."
Happy In Love    The Power of Love   
By: David P Carroll    
"Happy In Love
The moment I saw you ..."
THE MAN, WHO LOVES ME BACK    Love Rekindled   
"I don?t know how heaven feels like,
But I feel that with you. ..."
HE'S TWO AND FOUR    Love Remembered   
"One month to his two and four
That?s when we?ll be similar in year ..."
Where Do I and You Begin    Love And Marriage   
By: jake cosmos aller    
"I woke up one day and realized
I no longer knew ..."
Chains That Bind Us    Love And Marriage   
By: jake cosmos aller    
"I realize that my love for you
Is like a chain of steel ..."
The Loving Night    New Love   
By: David P Carroll    
"As I cherish your love I feel you tonight
As I'm forever with you in life ..."
Love At Night    New Love   
By: David P Carroll    
"As our hearts entwined inside each other's love forever
From evening to night ..."
Middle School True Love    New Love   
By: Masen Daniel Bovaird    
"I love you,
you love me too. ..."
I AM HERE FOR YOU    Love And Marriage   
By: JD    
RIP Andrew Salmon    Love Between Friends   
By: Anthony Edward Parker    
"I remember we used to chill at youth
Credible to see you there, was an embracing dude ..."
TO THE ONE I LOVE    Love And Marriage   
By: JD    
Our Love    Love and Honesty   
By: David P Carroll    
"As I Kiss my love
and feel her love ..."
I Love You    The Power of Love   
By: David P Carroll    
"Kissing her forever
Being with her forever ..."
Thoughts    Love Withdrawn   
By: Keanna Shantia Crum    
"Thinking inside of thinking,
Trapped inside my brain. ..."
BE MINE    Valentine's Day Poems   
"Simba, will you be my valentine?
I'll show you off and call you mine ..."
WHERE ART THOU?    Love and Despair   
"Babe' I haven't heard from you
In a long time ..."
Christmas Day    The Philosophy of Love   
By: David P Carroll    
"As it's Christmas Day
The day truly about love ..."

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