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Questions    Love Apart   
By: Natalie F.M. Fraser    
"Alone I sit,
About to cry, ..."
Whose It Going To Be?    Love Triangle   
By: Crystal M Laskowski    
"How do you really feel?
I wish I knew ..."
THE JOY OF MY WORLD    Love and Family   
By: dominique shantel lane    
Friends    Love Between Friends   
By: Jessica Paulette Henderson    
" I've loved you for so long
I've needed you all my life ..."
Darkness    Love Withdrawn   
By: Taylor Marie Westfall    
"Darkness falls upon me
As I watch you leave ..."
Firey Touch (Lyric 69)    Love Described   
By: Daydred Easton    
" The warm fragrance of your skin,
heats my blood far within. ..."
I love You    Love Declared   
By: Tristy J. Messer    
"My love for you is all I have,
Nobody will understand how far it will go. ..."
A Single Gift    Love and Parting   
By: Crystal R. Hinson    
"That single gift
it made me cry, ..."
THIS MAN IS HERE TO STAY!    Love Triangle   
By: Veronica Bermudez    
"Hey, there woman.
You can't believe it... right? ..."
Please Don't...    Love and Fear   
By: Thu Ngoc Le    
"Please don?t break my heart like others do
Please don?t make me cry all the time ..."
Dear Diary: 3/13/00    Future Love   
By: Lily Tchen    
"Everything that could be said has been said,
And everything that could be done has been done. ..."
Still wondering    Love Fantasy   
By: Katie Downes    
"You know, now, how i feel....
You know what I say is real.... ..."
Untitled    Love Between Friends   
By: M. E. Tutor    
" In life, we have many people we call our friends...
But when you really think about it... ..."
If only the world could be alcohol free    Love and Family   
By: JJ Smith    
"If only the world could be alcohol free,
Then I wouldn?t have to live my life in misery. ..."
Today... I smiled!    Love Past   
By: Laura C. Humphries    
"Today I smiled
When I thought of you, ..."
Searching    The Power of Love   
By: C. M. Olshock    
"When I began my search
for the woman within, ..."
tears of darkness    The Pains of Love   
By: the girl that will be alone forever    
"The tear of darkness is what I shed
no more happy thought of you ..."
happened again    The Pains of Love   
By: sonam s. kapur    
"it happened, it happened again,
u came n u went away, ..."
No One Can Save Me Now    Suicide   
By: Adam Parrish    
"Every tree looks better than the last,
Every pole looks more inviting. ..."
Because I Love You    Love Displayed   
By: Erica Dawn Hopper    
"If I could, I'd put all the fireflies in the universe
in a glass jar to light up your night ..."
My Best Guy Friend    Love Between Friends   
By: Stephanie Ann Wagner    
"I wish I could steal you
and take you to my far away home ..."
Let's Give It A Try    Love Described   
By: Alejandra Lil Ma Caro    
"I write to you today, Not to tear you apart
But I write to you today to say what?s on my mind. ..."
Always In My Dreams    Love and Parting   
By: Anne Marie Fenwick    
"Before I open my eyes each morning,
After I close my eyes each night, ..."
Cheers    Suicide   
By: Little One    
"Cheers, here's to the end
It's time to say good-bye ..."
Only myself to blame    Love Past   
By: amber rachelle hendrickson    
"I see you walking by me,
happy as can be, ..."

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